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Briefing Room: Trump on Turkey going into Syria, Impeachment inquiry, Ohio debate reactions

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  1. Trump can now forget the reelection, no one will support him

  2. Abc why did u run a story claiming it showed turkey attacking kurds in a syria border town wt mass atrocities. When in fact it was a 2016 vid of a American gun range shoot.
    U cut off bottom part of picture wich would show crowd of ppl wt cell phones. And blurred out portions that would've shown them. U purposefully reported a lie to smear the potus to further your deep state run agenda. Ppl are waking up tho ..

  3. Turkey is invading a sovereign country all members of the UN are outraged all except Trump. The reason I state it that way is that the majority of American politicians are upset as well.
    Trump betrayed our allies and our own troops who are now trapped. This is treason, Trump has given Russia a gift as well as Turkey two countries who are now saying to there own people that they own the United States. I remember when the Republicans cared about troop safety and protecting our allies but now they are scared to speak up, what are they scared of? If Drumpf where a dictator I would understand but being he can't kill whomever he wishes, what are republicans worried about? If the country were operating correctly, congress would have passed a resolution to stop Drumpf and reverse actions but now we look and are weak. Make America WHAT again? Make America fight Isis again? Make America a laughing stock again? (Like when W was in office)


  5. Come on people. Look what is going on over there. Why would you want our troops in the middle of that? There is no reason to waste our military resources when there is no end goal in sight. We are not going to play border guard anymore. Do you think syrians or the turks want to come to the US-Mexico border and serve as a border guard for 10 years?

  6. Trump betrays our allies and puts 1,000 American troops in dire danger, all for the benefit of foreign powers. How is this not treason?

  7. Seriously people don’t watch this fake news. Abc have no idea about the political situation in the middle east nor do they have accurate reports or videos of the fighting. Trump announced that the ypg is in fact the pkk who are a terrorist organisation and are illegally occupying syria. ABC wake up we are in an age of the internet and people are much smarter than you think!!

  8. Reading some of the comments below sounds like a bunch of leftist democrats that are complete IDIOTS!!! You WILL NOT STOP THE TRUMP TRAIN!!! If you do like Trump means you do not love our country THEN GET THE HELL OUT!!!

  9. The media have primed us to believe that Trump is working with Putin, but seems the truth is more painful. Trump has been hired to distract us from the inevitable decline of American empire.

  10. Oh there's going to be plenty of Trump cheerleaders on this feed. Watch em pissing there pants and drooling foam at the same time. I wish my grandparents were alive to witness this.
    Bow down before the one you serve.
    You're going to get what you deserve.

  11. Dumb fool! He really think no one can see just how stupid he is for real. And his sons didn't fall to far from the tree. They just as dumb as rocks also.

  12. For the first time Trump makes sense, I can't believe what I see! There is no justification to have so many military bases around the world with incredible cost. Why do we need to be in the middle east? To protect Saudis who have purchased something like 200 Billion of latest weapons but still can't defend themselves? Or Israelis who have a powerful military with the best of the best American weapons provided with American tax payers money not to mention other financial benefits including a free trade pact?

    So after all the weapons and financial aid we give to these two countries they think it is not enough and they want to fight their wars to the last American.

    Bring our soldiers back. Our men and women do not join the armed forces to protect other countries as mercenaries!

  13. He would like for Russia to get involved .Those poor people .

  14. Paid puppets reading a script

  15. This is the most disgusting display of politicians scrambling for power in a swirling cesspool they created. America has no responsibility for middle easterns blowing themselves to hell.

  16. They have concerns because they're going to be exposed, you're so full of baloney you could feed everyone in the middle East!

  17. The bottom line is you scumbags don't care about the middle East, you just care about your anti Republican agenda. How about you go over there and fight, losers

  18. Hi Russian trolls 👋🏽

  19. America is not your babysitter you spineless pukes! Did someone take away your pacifier? Cry like a baby 😭 absolutely disgusting. ABC keep posting phony footage!

  20. Your fake news are making Trump stronger. Unbelievably fool job!

  21. This god damn motherfucking moron.

  22. "I wanna get outta the Middle East." That's why I'm sending troops to Saudi Arabia.

  23. What an evil president 😠 he's lieing again lots of people getting killed thanks to trump n his tantrums he sold them out to Russia I pray he frys in hell soon !!!?

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