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Briefing Room: Trump visits Dayton and El Paso, shooting investigations, 2020 candidates | ABC News

#Trump #DaytonOhio #ElPaso

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  1. This entire system is wicked and will be greatly judged by ABBA…!

  2. Trump's visits to massacre sites are about himself.

  3. Democrat politicians circle the tragedy like buzzards again. And their roadkill supporters lap it up.

  4. Sounds as though you have hate dude ,

  5. Background checks, mental health checks, gun safety classes, testings for comprehension, strict license issuance, limits on number of guns an individual can own, limit on number of bullets one can buy/own.

  6. Hurt the Republicans and Trump where they feel it: In their wallets. It is the only place where they feel anytyhing. Stop supporting the NRA and the Reps.

  7. Guns are the problem. Do something about that.

  8. The NRA bought both the liar-in-chief Trump and Moscow Mitch. They will do nothing. Agressive and racists tweets are the only thing you can expect.

  9. It's the media and politicians that keep the fear going they love it. They work with the Government for one agenda to take more right away from honest citizens in the name of safety and they know most people are not very well educated and easy to control the minds. Their whole agenda right now is to divide our country, and it's working. Wake up, people and ask why? It's simple to control power and money it's very simple the little they have the more they want. Problem reaction solution. #1 Take a problem cause a big reaction and then comes the solution, and the solution is more laws to take more of our freedom and rights away in the name of safety. But most people don't know our history because the news never speaks of it or the politicians. 95% of the people do not know the Constitution or the 10 Amendments in the Bill Of Rights if they did then they would know what's happening. #1 Freedom of Speech #2 The Right to bare arms now the Politicians are trying to take the First Amendment away by saying hate speech and making another law to take it away. #2 The Right to bare arms lets take them away why not because of the shooting but because it's there to defend yourself from them? The Government. And by doing this it takes away our 4th and 5th Amendment Rights this is the Truth people our Constitutional Rights is why we are the strongest country in the world and gives us our Freedom. Without them, we would not be. You say why would our Government do this to us simple Control people; they want ONE WORLD ORDER and by taking away these first two will allow them to do this. Ask yourself why they don't even teach the Constitution and Bill Of Rights in the lower schools no more you have to go to college now and take a special class to learn them. Why they don't want the average person to know them. Ask yourself this do you know the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And why they are there if you truly did, then you can see and know the truth for yourself. Start teaching your children our Constitution and there right if you ever want them to have Freedom they are the future for America.

  10. Dump Trump…….. Should 'go back to where he came from'… 😁

  11. Trump saying and doing are 2 big different things for him and he has lied so much to us in the passed we should not take stock in what he says.

  12. People can have clean background, suddenly turn evil

  13. God bless POTUS and god bless the NRA. MAGA 2020

  14. Use the death penalty and qiuit loving these murders ant keeping them for 10 20 years in prison everyone had guns in the 18 hundreds and murders didnt happen you killed you hanged .


    YOU ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE 👍🏼👍🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼❤️❤️❤️

  16. may God have mercy for this country and deliver grace to change the hearts of man

  17. Saludos cordiales paz bien verdad justicia adelante Trump Pence Rubio Pompeo Bolton 2020 por siempre, en familia equipo la diferencia esperanza salvación libertad mundial jesuscristo es con nosotros amén aleluyah Shalom Rajem!!

  18. It's not the President's, Republicans, Democrats, or guns fault. It's the mind state of the people. People kill people not guns. Let's be real.

  19. PLEASE be safe, Mr.President Trump!!!🇺🇸😱😨

  20. They better like him n welcome him them other folks comin for ur jobs lil

  21. It's the mental people who get the guns and They think It's a game and They want to be celebrities the news people they don't understand nothing about guns

  22. Donald Dump! Donald Dump! Donald Dump! Dump! Dump!

  23. If they can't pass a extensive background check, it will be bought illegally on the streets.
    #guns 😢😢😭😭😭😭

  24. Bigotry, suspicion, And unrelated urgency to direct issues!! #trump ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  25. So true , we do need to start with Children not to hate not to bully each other and deal with mental illness

  26. Trump did NOTHING…Signed a few autographs…A quick hospital visit….Played it safe by speaking only with public servants, then he RUNS AWAY without addressing the PEOPLE of EL PASO….What a coward. What a waste of OUR tax dollars. Now go away, and never come back

  27. Who in the hell is El Paso to say whether our President is welcome or can or can't go anywhere? Hello! He was voted in cry babies! He can go anywhere he wants in America!

  28. The more hateful and ugly anti Trump rhetoric gets it will continue to create more hate. In either side. People need to realize that the hate speech that some like to use is not going to produce anything more than hate. This is not the time nor the moment to point fingers, but to find solutions!!!!

  29. Its not our Presidents fault, he told the truth. I do not want to hear any protest .It just took the damn democrats again to start a dirty stink.

  30. “Background checks like you’ve never seen before….” ??? The best, the biggest, the most beautiful ever seen before since time began…… ye, ye, his nose gets larger every day! Surprised it doesn’t touch the moon, “of which Mars is a part….” 👀👀
    Pusillanimous ignoramus.

  31. I don’t know I truly don’t understand hate , God made us all not just some and if we just do what God said to love one another there would be no hate


  33. Quite a crowd??? Sorry, but not even close.

  34. Don't act stupid guys. Or are you not acting? Come on Deven. Duh… ginny

  35. So they hate our president at an anti-hate rally. Wake up America….. ginny

  36. I think we should get rid of cars because of drinking and driving it kills more people than guns…😊

  37. ABC, NBC, CBS all owned by News Corp don't believe me look into the information…

  38. Did someone remind him he's not in Toledo? ^-:-(^

  39. Very strange very weird this fellow doesn't visit places where his beloved country men did their shootings killings and even massacres of foreign nationals under the pretext of fighting for equality freedom and all the nefarious nonsense of Americanism. The two massacres have the root of his bragging mouth of white American supremacy and not forgetting the phrase "send them home" at his Nazi-like rally??, He is one damned hypocrite!!!!

  40. One thing for sure is that the Democrats are burning up all this time on this negative activity when they should be out their conveying their policies, otherwise they have no chance of getting elected. They are just wasting valuable time for themselves

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