Sunday , December 5 2021
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British Lawmaker Stabbed To Death While Meeting With Public

British lawmaker David Amess, a member of the United Kingdom Parliament, has died after being stabbed multiple times while meeting with constituents at a church. NBC’s Matt Bradley reports from London.
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  1. Man dies but no proof …..ok boomer

  2. Only good politician is a dead politician

  3. And the cultural enrichment continues …


  5. So much fake deaths television theater has giving you to believe

  6. What was the motive? What were his political views, or was it personal?

  7. No need to bring up the Ira. That got nothing to do with this now don't even go there

  8. Prayers to his family. Unfair / unwarranted – totally unnecessary – I am so sorry.

  9. Send them over here to get trump and Greg abbot

  10. BBC News was right about North Korean Kim Jon Un…He is Dangerous, Very Dangerous…God Save the Queen…

  11. The weapon is a knife and it's suspected of terrorism. one person dies and its terrorist related🤔 or is it the knife? which is a preferred method in a lot of instances by a certain religious ideology,.. and that might be the connection to terrorism, it has been for the last 50 years, and longer.

  12. Thankfully no innocent bystanders were harmed. It could've been much worse.

  13. Rest assured, we're going to get to the bottom this, and justice will be done to any who says inappropriate illegal statements on social media.

  14. Topical of the uk lucky the news reporter didn’t get stabbed stay sharp out there

  15. The murderer who brutally stabbed Conservative MP Sir David Amess to death earlier today in what is likely an Islamic terror attack has been identified as a 25-year-old of Somali origin.

    Amess was attacked while attending his his constituency surgery at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

    The pro-Brexit, anti-abortion MP was stabbed “more than a dozen times” by the attacker and subsequently died on the scene while paramedics tried to treat his wounds.

  16. People get stabbed every day and the general public doesnt even flinch. But when a politician is the victim the general public will cry about it for days. Even though they gripe about politicians 24/7/365 online. Buncha flip floppers.

  17. Dave. His name is just Dave.

  18. Huh if someone was allowed to have a gun maybe that wouldn’t have happened come on UK

  19. Looks like Gun Control didn't save him.

  20. He took one for the team. Hahaha. People rising up finally.

  21. Maybe the guy was annoyed by that accent. But the question is, how do we import this?

  22. Demon fest is open for business. I wonder if the suspect was vaccinated? This could be one of the hidden reasons for the urge to vaccinate. There is more to this ENTIRE story that most people would care to know.

  23. In UK you can get shanked simply for looking at someone, it's just too common. Probably written off as covid already.

  24. This is an assassination. Say it!!!

  25. "Sir David?" I am in no way approving or advocating murder or violence, but it's way past time the UK left the whole "aristocracy" thing in the past. It is seriously insulting to any thinking person.

  26. It's always great that in the Earth year of 2021, humans 'resolve' their differences by brutal violence. Because, that's what our previous generations all would have desired most.

    After all, if you're frustrated with life on Earth… just murder someone! 💪😎🤟 That will pretty much fix everything.


  27. My condolences
    To his family
    Rest in peace

  28. Why bring the IRA into this ?? That was DECADES ago.

  29. Man you ain't SAFE nowhere, my condolences.

  30. Remember that Fry & Laurie episode when a British politician was back stabbed? Looks like this happens once in a while

  31. Now thats real democracy I am surprised a limey finally had the balls to stand up to fascism. Good show lads!

  32. Currently the case is being handled by the anti terrorism branch.

  33. This was an attack by the far right! i can just feel it in my bones!!

  34. Who is the attacker? Is he not a "terrorist"?

  35. Don't they check them for weapons before they're let in??

  36. They don't need extra security, these are risks we all face everday. look at all the shootings, etc. Society needs a moral change and quit pretending or downplaying mental illness issues. It does exist.

  37. Surprised this doesn’t happened in America

  38. wow..who would've thought that corrupt governments and politicians would have people who hate them..

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