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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus | USA TODAY

Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID-19.
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced he has tested positive for coronavirus.

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  1. i really wish nothing but bad for you, because economics is more important than you; who said that …ohh wait, it is you

  2. Boris Johnson is a Freemason ⭐ liar as are all politicians around the world who are in on this Psychological Operation smokescreen for 5G 60ghz upgraded tech being installed in all the empty buildings, schools , stadiums etc while we are ordered to self isolate. Also Bill Gates VACCINE population control weapon will be pushed on the unfortunate mASSes who believe the government are their best friends😬

  3. Hopefully trump would join him soon

    The country that for as long as it's history had killed innocents and stole their wealth , funded riots and coups to topple democratic elected regimes not willing to bend for them , the country that devastated other nations whose historical heritage is more value and older than that of uk as in iraq , the country that created the dilemma of the middle East as per here

    This very same country is devastated itself and the utmost irony and humiliation is that this is done by the hands of its own citizens not by the hands of whom they made them suffer

    Before was brexit and now this , enjoy

  4. I think prime minister is not positive. Maybe he is acting

  5. Who else thought this was trump who forgot to brush his hair

  6. When I remember what you said about muslim women or all muslims . I don't feel a bit mercy for u . And then when I remember humanity and all feel sorry for u. May Allah show you the truth

  7. 🙏 Pray 🙏 Pray 🙏 Pray 🙏

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  9. don't worry Boris is just a flu, you'll be fine group immunity, remember?

  10. He'll be fine. This guy is such a badass.

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