Brittney Griner testifies in Russia drug trial | ABCNL

ABC News contributor and USA Today columnist Christine Brennan has the latest on the Brittney Griner case as she takes the stand to testify in a Russian court.

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  1. Trafficking is Trafficking

  2. This is a Disgrace!!!! I swear sometime I hate being a American….. it’s foul… NBA PLAYERS NEED TO BOYCOTT THE NBA UNTIL WE GET GRINER BACK HOME. We talking about weed she ain’t no killer or bad person!!!!!!!!!!! Once again America look weak and like pussies. I hate it here

  3. Oh no send them the arms dealer, even if they are in war. We can't afford to make a person that commited a crime pay her crimes.

  4. Wow. Travel to a foreign country thinking their law is the same as US.

  5. I hope she gets 15 years

  6. You know Brittney's tugging on her taffy every night thinking about that smoking hot guard escorting her around, I know I would.

  7. Throw the book at her Russia

  8. Can't fix stupid!! Bringing drugs in

  9. 99% 😂☠ im glad i dont live in such a place, zero humanity


  11. She is lying….come on!!!!.you mean to tell me. nobody told her; cannabis is against the law in Russia. Russia; a socialist state. Known for its crimes against humanity.
    Give her a lie detector test…bet she fails!!!

    Also; Biden is giving arms to Ukraine. Causing; the war to continue and killing Russian soldier.

    Next question….

  12. People don't like her here much less over there…

  13. "team" group of conspiring Russians lol

  14. Oh…. She didn't intend to break the law…. Yep! This will definitely smooth things over

  15. "Accidentally packed it." I guess the accident part happened when she looked at it with her own eyes, knew what it was, put it in her luggage and then zippered it up. Quite an accident that takes multiple steps.

  16. She's in a better place now.

  17. Another creepy doper!.😖.

  18. omg…ENTITLEMENT…shes black,gay,and a star,she did the crime now she needs to do her time!the gaul of her girlfriend blaming the president.two loosers.KARMA!

  19. Maybe she should cool off in russia for a bit,, shes caused a lot of international problems being so stupid. And obviously greedy for money to go to a country currently at odds with the US. Real smart this one is.

  20. She broke Russian law. Now they are going to trade her for a man who has killed more then cancer. I hope Democrats enjoy this moment. When the merchant of death kills more people it's all their fault. We should chop off the merchants head and send it to Russia. That of course would make people mad because then we couldn't use him to get this lady back. She deserves the sentence she got. She knew she had it with her. It's not like it walked itself into her luggage.

  21. AGAIN, thats a dude, dude,,,,,,,

  22. 🇺🇸 USA is making it worse for her. They need to ✋🏿 STOP. They're not going to release her & she's going to suffer immensely bcuz of the Americans. She knew the dangers & still went.

  23. Good for that traitor I hope they give her 10yrs

  24. Leave her in a cell blasting the national anthem 23 hours a day. That ought to keep her woke all the time. 🇺🇸🎶🔊😵‍💫

  25. If she go to jail she gonna love it there , she gonna spent her time fucking

  26. There is no way Biden gets re-elected based on his failures and extremely low approval raising

  27. I'm exhausted at people who think a "prescription " from a Dr registers anywhere else but their state. It's not even recognized in Canada.

  28. Dude…where is all the $upport from these million dollar celebrities??

  29. Wait patiently for ten years liar. What’s the problem, you were arrested , got caught being sneaky, F her ,leave her in jail.

  30. I bet she stole my white privilege card. Because if I was arrested in Russia for breaking the law President Brandon would forget about me.