Brother of Hamas hostage tells his story

Ilay David, whose brother was taken by Hamas, says he hopes for his loved one’s return on ‘The Claman Countdown.’

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  1. How are Elons comments dramatic? Btw he never tweeted anything antisemitic. This woman is a poor anchor.

  2. Oh!! It’s just so sad when it happens to the Israelis .

  3. Elon is not wrong to say what he has said. Because he has seen for 56 years what has done to the Palestinians too

  4. The invasion of Gaza is about a heist and not about hostages…

  5. What’s with the attack on Elon? You know as well as I do he’s there to help. If anyone can help he can. Horrid woman! 🙄

  6. So many prayers for your brother and the rest of the hostages. I’ve been to festivals to party and can’t imagine how they felt when attacked. Love and prayers from 🇬🇧

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