Saturday , January 16 2021
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Brother visits site where George Floyd killed | USA TODAY

George Floyd’s brother speaks at memorial site: Let’s do this another way RELATED: Peaceful George Floyd protests marred by bursts of violence

While visiting the site where George Floyd was killed, his brother, Terrence Floyd, asked the crowd to be peaceful while protesting and vigilant for justice.

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  3. Let this act as a fire 🔥 to ignite the feelings of the supressed human ….let it be the voice of the denied humans…..let it be the beginning of a new era of

  4. OK Brother, you say "All these things will not bring back my brother" and you say your family is peace-loving, God-fearing. No revolution has been won sitting in homes by just folding hands in prayer. ANd, will protesting peacefully bring back your brother? NO, coz this is not about bringing back your brother, it is about Justice vs Injustice. You should be proud that your brother's sad death did not go unnoticed. It has stoked a revolution of sorts. TRY to notice the anger in a common man's protest, there is a sense of uneasiness in their lives, their freedom of speech and freedom of movement is being pinned down… and the sad and unfortunate death of your brother has forced them to unshackle their fears and hit the road against the authoritarian powers.

  5. We need four cops to apologize to George's family and causing the riots. Have city and state law makers to come up with a plan to stop the abuse. We have so many Black politicians serving for years, why can't they fix the problem?

  6. What is needed is laws that if any office of the court restricts any airway of any arrested or detained person unless there life is in immediate danger they will be fired and charged with a felony call it like the justice for Floyd act

  7. Pray to get those killers in prison. We need Justice for George Floyd and many others!!!!!

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  9. A whole country of citizens are not wrong, what's wrong is the way you and the government are making us express it before you acknowledge to hear us. Can you hear US now?

  10. This is what I was saying it should have been dealt with with Rodney King but it wasn't now here we stand again protesting but tearing down our own homes by vandalizing businesses where we live and that is called the stupid tax as quote-unquote Judge Lynn Toler says is until the people in divorce court is called stupid text because now the innocent is going to have to suffer for what the stupidity of others do now the law is capable of handling what needs to be done with mr. Floyd's family and I'm sure Justice shall prevail God says hi and he looks low and Justice shall Prevail in the courts in the White House the video has spoken for for itself and I don't understand why people are taking this on a vandalism ride tearing down their own communities what ignites what do you gain by stealing from yourself that's crazy and it hurts because this is not done for mr. Floyd he wouldn't have done that you guys are taking his vandalism personally and that's not right on the wings of a innocent man that has lost his life for no reason at all well I hope you all that have vandalized these people places I hope you feel good after what you've done because you riot thieves have made a mess out of this protesting you made a mess peace

  11. 40 people shot 13 dead over this past weekend in Chicago ( All were blacks ) . Where was BLM ?  I'll take BLM serious when they prove it by stop killing each other like clockwork daily !

  12. I have a dream ,–Black people fight it~~fight it~~

  13. God bless you and your family Mr. Floyd. God fearing Amen.

  14. We're screaming like demons, swinging from the ceiling
    I got a fist full of fifties, the tequila just hit me
    We got no class, no taste, no shirt, and shit faced
    We got it lined up, shot down, firing back straight crownWe're going out tonight
    To kick out every light
    To get anything that we want
    Drink everything in sight
    We're going till the world stops turning
    While we burn it to the ground tonight


  16. Once comes in November vote for Joe Biden as the next President of the United States of America and president Donald Trump will be done from the white House.

  17. Life is life. Caring for votes or planning for coming elections donot think all belong to the same planet. If one abuses other nations or puffed with facilities donot really care for others.

  18. How much did u get for this from djt

  19. People are dying from Co id 19. Punk and looterz are using George dead to riot and violently every in America . Sure black lives just as much as lives of every Americans . Supposedly they have been used and abused by their's systems that keep feeding them with Hatred. And in the end what will be answer so don't just using " Black lives matter" but start using all live matter !

  20. This is what America needed

  21. Vote in memory of George to honor him as a peaceful man.

  22. Pls to all human needs peacefully life breath .

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