Budget watchdog warns Biden's creating terrible economic incentives by doing this

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget president Maya MacGuineas reacts to the Biden administration pausing student loan repayment for the eighth time on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast.’ #foxbusiness #cavuto

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  1. Summary: USA is going down the tubes.

  2. He is draining taxpayers money off and large amount will go back to the Dem to bribe all from the top down. If these people can cheat during election to win, what is redirecting money back to their own pockets? Monitor how he moves these money in the name of funding the nation. He is full of BS. He will likely park a large amount of money in China.

  3. Bribing millions of greedy Americans with student loans stopped the red wave and now Lying Biden isn't going to pay them, LOL,it's perfect policy.

  4. l am super excited my financial life has totally changed ever since I ventured into crypto market. Ive been earning over $12,000 every single week. Lol 😊

  5. The Dems are scared of being labeled betrayers for not following through on a promise they knew couldn't be kept. Maybe they are hoping they can delay into the next election and then blame the Republicans for the fallout.

  6. Don't believe it America's making a comeback and we're stronger than ever, you can't keep us down media.

  7. Joe Biden lied to increase workers' wages by 15 USD an hour Joe said that if they don't increase wages to reduce consumption costs, then their revenue is no different from high inflation, they reduce spending expenses, such as travel and shopping ,Joe Biden cheated workers again, half the salary was cut, businesses had their profits increased by 5%, fortunately for workers, they were not fooled by Joe Biden, businesses cut wages and laid off workers. If asking for a raise?

  8. College students were tricked by Joe Biden to write off their debt from 10,000 USD – 20,000 USD to let the Democratic Party get the vote, now students must understand that Biden used the bailout to reduce inflation to trick that student. is a communist democratic policy, no lying, no corruption, no slander, no cheating, it is not a communist using the left-wing media to spread fake news around the world, this is a lesson for university students to remember. ruling policy of the Communist Party of Democratic Party

  9. Mr. Trump's life, many years of helping people, last term, Trump didn't get paid at all, only knew how to help people, only knew how to help life, not taking a break for himself, but now why is the FBI besieging his house? Trump, rummage around, when Trump doesn't know and know, looking at his mistress, what is wrong with Mr. Trump, the people of the United States, How many years Trump has been in power. Trump is not greedy for money, so why is Biden looking for a story, day and night making excuses to put Trump in jail, now people are worried about Mr. Trump. Because Biden is looking for a plan, so that by November, the day Trump does not run for office, Biden will be happy. Now the Bidens are about to go to prison, because Pelosi has asked to resign, who will help Biden, because of the Hunter laptop, exposing it to everyone?

  10. Imagine making people who did not go to college pay for people who did go to college. Well, you DO NOT HAVE TO IMAGINE IT.

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  13. Take the government out of the guaranteed student loan business and universities can only charge what people can afford to pay. It's that simple!!!

  14. Perverse incentives of, well, a man who sniffs little girls.

  15. Just like Obamacare it's solving a problem for one group of people and creating a problem for another group of people. Instead of focusing on the real problem of the exorbitant expense of getting a college degree because of these greedy colleges.

  16. Solid video and thanks for breaking it down… Despite the economic downturn, I'm happy I've been earning 12,600$ from my 2,000$ investment every 9 days

  17. Biden is an idiot our taxes money give away to anyone who not work LAZY!

  18. No lets give the money to the Military and Ukriane

  19. We need to defund the federal government

  20. Taking care of illegal immigrants is also costing the tax payers tons of $$$ I never hear anybody saying anything about this it's about time we stop giving money away it's not good for AMERICA

  21. Where was the outrage when the loans congressmen took out during Covid were forgiven? Just wondering…