Buffalo Bills release standout punter Matt Araiza from team

Matt Araiza faces sexual abuse allegations from his time at SDSU, along with two other former students. The Bills said, “Our culture here is more important to us than winning football games.”


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Matt Araiza should be punished to the full extent of the law and so should the victims parents for placing her in a dangerous position and allowing her to be out late partying and drinking.

  2. false allegations, you mean because you were caught

  3. It's the "she was a whore" excuse.

  4. Here is a story where the female LIED! Kendall, Florida – Nichole Robles came to my neighbors apartment 3 x per week in the mornings! Numerous times, I see her with the johnson in her mouth before getting into the apartment! She picked him up in her lexus and go to her place, then drop him off! I would ask him, but it did not say much, but I knew what it was LOL. After 3 or 4 months it slowed. She lost her lexus and she wanted him to replace it! He did not. She asked him over one night and her husband open the door! He never knew she was MARRIED! It cut it off and she took pics and videos, without his knowledge, and posted explicit pics of him online! He file a police report with miamdadePD and they did nothing to her! Now she and her friends are stalking him and slandering his name! She tried to get back with hiom, by saying her husband r@ped her and she had her daughter! Then she said, he has been r@ping her over the years! Turns out, she has always cheated on her husband and every time she got caught, she says she had to leave because he r@ped her! She found out he works out at @youfitgyms in miami and all the latin simps want to attack him!


  5. There's always work at Chipotle.

  6. How can you be observatively intoxicated at a party? Who is this person observing let everyone know?💯🤔

  7. While these are just allegations at this time what I do believe is we are living in a culture where roofies and drugging is a problem and something anyone should be leery of going to any parties. We have an internet that shows people how to make chloroform. In the rare instance I drink I bring my own and it stays with me. I don’t trust people at parties.

  8. Standout punter? He didn't even ay a season yet

  9. You shouldn’t be fired from your job or accusation.

  10. Probably more to that story

  11. This is the bills reputation. Incognito was on their squad, then THEY DRAFTED A PLAYER ACCUSED OF R*P*NG a 17yo. The bills are so stupid, HE IS A PUNTER, they are worse than the brows. QBs help a lot, THE BILLS GM NEEDS TO BE CANNED.

  12. Hey, Kerry Armstrong …… you're not denying there that he didn't rape the 17-year-old statutorily. So …… we're taking it that that did happen at least?

    Why do you think the Bills had to drop the punter? he's going to be a felon.

  13. The way the incel NFL Bros treat women is dehumanizing.

  14. why was a 17 year old partying at a college campus?????

  15. And this was in California: The legal age of consent in any state is when the law deems a person is old enough to consent to sex. In the State of California, the age of consent is 18. Thus, it is a criminal act to engage in sex with anyone under 18, and any person who does so could be charged with statutory rape under California Penal Code 261.5.J

    In California, it is illegal for an adult (someone 18 or older) to have sex with a minor (someone younger than 18), even if the sex is consensual. Those who break the law have committed statutory rape.

    She was 17. He was 21. The other two were 18.

    So ….. it doesn't even matter if it was all consensual. The guys are all screwed.

  16. You can’t get a woman as a D 1 athlete you moron

  17. medical rape test? surely she went straight to the hospital after this occurred to make her attack known

  18. If it's proven to be false allegations, the female should be charged and punished as much as what the men would get. I'm tired of the women who are proven to be liars, go under the radar, like it's no big deal.

  19. Looks like he outkicked his coverage yet again.

  20. Steeler QB. Got away with same situation twice with payoff.

  21. Thanks to the socialist left and this horrid administration, it seems you can just accuse anyone of anything at anytime and ruin their life.

  22. She is lying 🙏💩🗑

  23. This comment section accurately describes the hypocrisy of america. Theres evidence regarding this situation but people are like no hes innocent.

    Deshaun watson wasn't not indicted by 2 GJ but people are already saying hes guilty with no evidence😂 Oh yeah america is "fair" all right. Innocent till proven guilty apparently works when you want it to

  24. The Browns or cowboys will probably pick him up

  25. The browns could learn something big from the bills

  26. For all you saying there's "no evidence". You cannot go to court charging a rape crime WITHOUT EVIDENCE. I guarantee you there's a rape kit the victim completed, DNA swabs for semen and hospital visits, witnesses, cellphone records they are withholding from the media. What the victim needs to do is go to the press and say the evidence she has. She got gang-raped so she needs to bring up the charges. She's getting dragged in the dirt rn by all these comments supporting these 3 rapists. Honestly we men need to be supporting victims and holding players to a higher standard.