Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Buffalo In State Of Emergency After Massive Snowfall | NBC News

Massive snowfall in Buffalo has people trapped in their homes and on highways, but some are saying the plows may not get there until the weekend. The National Guard has been mobilized.
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Buffalo In State Of Emergency After Massive Snowfall | NBC News


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    My children and I were there for this snow storm. It was said near 10' deep Hamburg and south a ways. Bucket loaders not plows 🌨️ 🌨️ 🌨️

  2. I was in there at the time of the storm. We could not even get out the front door

  3. I was there lol I was 12 and was at my grandmas it snowed so much I was able to get on the roof of her house

  4. Artic Ice Radial tires must be made mandatory in Winter conditions , this would save lives , In Quebec it is the law . Americans have to realize it is important to drive with Caution, stop trying to be King Of The Road . Snow ❄️ Tires Must Be Made THE LAW !!!!!

  5. When I hear the words “Snowvember storm” I think of me and my dad lying to the workers at Tim Hortons saying that our car has been stuck in snow for 3 hours and getting free coffees for everyone who got stuck at my house.

  6. I live in buffalo and I can’t believe this was 4 years ago. It feels like yesterday I was crying walking through snow just to get to my best friends house.

  7. 4 years ago? Still buried? Please stay buried.

  8. I never heard someone say "I'm moving to Buffalo".
    I wonder why? LOL!

  9. Yes we Buffalo people are Great !!!! We deal with the snow and we know how to prepare for it and drive in it and what we need to do to stay safe and help our neighbors…..

  10. Tropical people joined the chat


  12. Look at the snowman after he touched the sign. More geoengineered snow. Go cuomo!!!!🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😤😤😢😢Love gals grey jacket.

  13. I remember it.
    my son Andre who has passed away now and I was snowbound but we didn't get hit as hard as people in West Seneca, NY..Then we heard some parts of Buffalo hardly received any snow.. Weird!!..

  14. We can deal with, others cry about

  15. I live in Los Angeles and it's been freezing here this whole winter. Almost all month temps have been in 60s and 50s for daytime highs. Cold 45 at night. I HATE ANYTHING WITH SNOW ON IT!😠

  16. We DEFINITELY need Snow Shoveling as a new Winter Olympic sport. OPEN to ANYONe!! ( even Eddie the Eagle, and Jamaican bobsledders). 256 preliminary rounds will be held AROUND the world. The 32 Finalists go to Beijing in February 2022.

  17. I live in Buffalo and love it

    Fun Fact: It is the second biggest city in New York

    Another fun fact: 95% of people who don't live in THE STATE of New York don't realize that people actually live in other places other than NYC

  18. McKinley was assassinated in Niagara Falls.

  19. I was in college at the time during that storm. Classes were canceled all week

  20. Hum, it seem that global warming is at it's peak. It's so intense now that it is piling up all over the place in the Us, Canada, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Paquistan, South Africa, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the list goes on.

  21. Did anybody forget about the blizzard of 77 we made it through that

  22. snow machine were are they // the only way in or out ????snowmobile were are they?

  23. Lmfao! Where i live we call that a dusting !. Lol.

  24. Well this was not what i was thinking. where's the buffalo? Fake News.

  25. I was at buffalo visiting my grandma and I was 7 years old and I was freaked out

  26. Be ready for anything . Get your food supplies . Do not depend on the government to help you think for yourself.

  27. Thank god I left and moved to Miami you guys should to

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