Buffalo supermarket suspect charged with 1st degree murder, pleads not guilty

Criminal defense attorney Bernarda Villalona discusses the U.S. Justice Department’s investigation into the Buffalo mass shooting as a “hate crime and an act of racially motivated violent extremism.”

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  1. Where is the anti-black hate bill like they have the anti Asian hate bill we have been hated killed and discriminated against for 300 plus years and don’t have a bill wtf

  2. Whites gives blacks what they want

  3. The killer of all these innocent people MUST get the Death Penalty in part as a warning to other Sociopaths that they will face the ultimate punishment if they take innocent lives. No lenience for murderers.

  4. Sometimes the Law is stupid. You still need what to charge this lunatic.

  5. MSM propaganda of the anti-America democratic party – don't let a opportunity go to waste to divide America to advance anti-America agenda.
    BLM – burning, looting, rioting is just fine
    Anti-fa destruction / cancel culture is just fine.
    Wide open border millions and millions of illegal immigrants, drugs, automatic weapons pouring into U.S. is just fine.
    95% A A are killed by A A is just fine unless it's wyte on bllk crimes.
    "Defund the police" crime rate soaring is just fine.
    Soros and democrats sponsored DA's catch and release criminals is just fine.
    CRT hatred inciting indoctrination in schools and military is just fine.
    Lenient on crimes, democrats supported SCOTUS pro-criminals, pro pedophiles and massive # prisoners released in democratic controlled states are just fine.
    Voting for anti-America democratic party has consequences.

  6. Not guilty!? What! he did it! NOT
    GUILTY!! what stupid lawyer told him to say this!? just move this trash to death Row! tomorrow its
    done! 😵👍

  7. How the fk do you pled not guilty in the first place, even if it is one victim? (In this case 10)

  8. I think he'll get the death penalty. But they won't kill him until hes about 40 something

  9. "We are literally being racist and committing mass shootings every day" – LeKuKlux James

  10. So many idiots here thinking that pleading not guilty means he goes free just because he's white. ANYONE can plead not guilty. It doesn't mean you are set free.

    Also, why are they only addressing that he had an ar15, but little to no mention on the shotgun or other weapons he had? This also happened in NEW YORK, one of the states with the most gun control laws. Why didn't all the "Gun free zone" signs or laws prevent this? Simple, because gun control DOES NOT WORK.

  11. Of course. He'll get a jury trial that will find him not guilty like Kyle Rittenhouse.

  12. Joe bidens atrocities of critical race theory in American schools

  13. Not guilty not guilty? Ha smfh Rip to the ones that died💯💖💕 prayers to family

  14. It should 10 counts and death penalty

  15. Thanks MASKOFFWEBC🟣M Look at what they did 👇👇👇

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  17. Remember the motorist who rain over the dancing granny parade last year. Apparently not racially motivated giving he was black, and staunch supporter of BLM. Rules for thee, not for me. Democrats are rats.

  18. Buffalo shooter is Ukraine NAZIST!!! Wearing the Azov symbols. SHAME! US people give money to those Nazis, and Nazis murder US people

  19. With all the deaths this year by police officers how did they catch this kid without killing him? If anyone needed to be shot by a cop it was him. Fucking spooky not a single trigger happy cop felt threatened by this kid…🤔🤔🤔

  20. what hell!!!!!!!!!!! it okay to kill more than 10 people as long as that person serve life sentence. is this the law. this is what makes no body save in this country.

  21. He should receive the death penalty.

  22. are you kidding me……………….

  23. Why is there even a trial, he lived streamed his crime. Cops, judges have found Blk ppl quilty of crimes with no evidence. That's why these KKK thugs trash continue to do these evil crimes bc the courts protect them.

  24. The suspect is a true fighter against global warming, and should receive a new car, 1 million in cash, a new luxury condo, an all expense vacation to New Zealand, and a lifetime award for free whoppers from wendy's.

  25. hey you 2 rambling “dont know what you talking about” ..you want to discuss your problems – they START WITH TERRORISTS IN DOJ, STATE DEPARTMENT, FBI, CIA & INS! go get educated and come back to use TERRORIST’S MEDIA PLATFORM TO BRAIN WASH MORE STUPID THAN YOU ARE with better ACCURACY!

  26. Unfortunately this is only the beginning, all Conservatives have to do is , watch Fox News at night, and receive a deluge of anti-immigrants, anti-black and anti-brown people rhetoric and this alone will make these domestic terrorist go out and mow down, anyone who doesn't look white.

  27. Why isn't the news media looking into this murderer's home life! He comes from a middle class home with educated parents both with engineering degrees a family of 4! We need to know if his father gifted him a gun before or after the comment he made about his high school? For all we know they could be raising their other two boys 15 and 13 yrs old to have this same mindset of their big brother.

  28. At first she is right a person is well aware what they was doing because they if I'm picking up trash but then the person see me picking up trash and then all the sudden they throw the trash down the intent was they do it down with the intent and motive because I was picking up trash but they knew that I was already picking up trash so the intent was to throw it down regardless of me picking up trash


  30. He should receive the death penalty on the federal level. Seeing the livestream myself, he showed zero remorse when shooting the victims. He was clearly aware of his surroundings and showed intentions of killing the most color folks he can get on view. NewYork needs to step up and sentence him to death, it won’t be fair for the victims and the community knowing this pos continues to live in prison in which the tax payers keep him alive while knowing he executed 10 lives for his stupid racist beliefs

  31. Welcome to The Grim Nation News…
    This the only kind of shooting we in the black community will ever acknowledge. I mean this really don't strike nobody else as a strange phenomenon that a billion blacks can die by the hands of blacks and not one news station will blink an eye but every white on black shooting is automatically world news.
    This is actually really weird that this happens so much like the Bermuda triangle and other strange events that can't be explained. It's mind blowing to me but again it shows a cycle that we repeat over and over like mindless robots and a system that has us brainwash like zombies that us killing each other is a natural part of a normal life. I can only watch and wonder what's going to be the breaking point that wakes my people up. The red pill or the blue pill ……………..GRIM

  32. I hope he gets passed around in prison.

  33. We need a way to fast track the death penalty in cases like this.

  34. Not guilty??? My god the white privilege in that kids head is crazy.

  35. Crime is a crime. No crime should be considered a hate crime. It's giving people special treatment.

  36. is ABC gonna post any videos about the orange county shooter? Probably not since hes Asian.