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Buffy Hawthorne on 2001 Daytona 500 and Michael’s new documentary | Waltrip Unfiltered Podcast

Buffy Hawthorne joins the Michael Waltrip podcast this week to discuss Michael’s new documentary, the 2001 Daytona 500, and her relationship with Dale Earnhardt.

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Buffy Hawthorne on 2001 Daytona 500 and Michael’s new documentary | Waltrip Unfiltered Podcast

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  1. Mikey your such a good person keep up the good work

  2. Anyone know why they got divorced? I knew they were divorced, but I never knew why. Just curious.

  3. Buffy is still smokin hot past 50. Incredible.

  4. It's not too weird seeing her here. it's called money ladies and gentlemen

  5. Mikey always seemed a little fruity to me.

  6. Dale Jarrett had a hand in this marriage coming to an end , truth.

  7. She seems very genuine . . you let a good one get away . . its nice that you remain friends with her

  8. Funny she named her son by the new husband Sterling. Michael and Sterling Marlin used to be really close. He used to joke about Sterling coming over for breakfast all the time. He said I thought he liked her cooking but I decided it was her daisy dukes. Lmao:)

  9. Omg they're playing footsies under the table

  10. My ex wife wouldn't as civil as his,,, they would have to bleep the hole show,,

  11. Interviewing your Ex wife about the thing that was a huge part in the end of their marriage must be brutal. Saying Buffy Hawthorne instead of Buffy Waltrip must be tough.

  12. Super Awkward Mikey interviews his ex wife

  13. Great to see they have a great relationship still

  14. Michael gained quite a bit of weight. It’s surprising to see.

  15. Fox Sports, you got to set up the mics better

  16. Does he come out of the closet in the documentary

  17. I didn't even know they got divorced! She was/is way out of his league anyway…lol

  18. have greg biffle interview his ex wife

  19. Hurts to much to watch Miky. Be Blessed and Be Safe 😁

  20. I Remember 2001 Daytona 500 & Death Dale Earnhardt Sr.

  21. Whomever does your audio should be fired. One of the worst on YouTube.

  22. Not your typical podcast but she was a class act on this one. Michael should be proud of her. She represented him and the documentary extremely well.

  23. guys like
    Please I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Yeah it’s a little awkward but when two people are being real and honest to each other it’s not gonna come off perfect and smooth life is awkward and what they’re talking about and what Michael put together with the documentary is very very real and I’m sure raw emotions for all of them to relive and share with the world I think this is a wonderful podcast in Michael is still making baby steps moving on with his life. I can say I cannot remotely understand or imagine what these two families went through to be able to move on with their lives God bless.

  25. Great they can be friendly and this makes life better for their daughter. Good for them more should try to live life like this.

  26. Wth ? I had no idea they were divorced.

  27. Pretty tense ! First time I ever saw her seems great ! Too bad they split .


  29. I'm scared to watch. Is it really that awkward? I hate watching awkward interviews. I mean, they can be good if they're funny too. If it's just awkward, it's embarrassing.

  30. Glad to see some people can move on in life and still be friends and co parents.

  31. If ever there was a real life “Driver’s Wife” (Talladega Nights), here she is…

  32. It's weird seeing Buffy on Michael's Show 12 Years after they Divorced

  33. This is the most awkward podcast I’ve ever seen🥴

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