Monday , September 27 2021
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Bundle Packing For Wrinkle Free Clothes | Carry-On | NBC News

Ben Popken shows us how to pack like a pro with this ‘bundle packing’ technique for wrinkle free clothes.
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Bundle Packing For Wrinkle Free Clothes | Carry-On | NBC News


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  1. please show folding where we have to unfold cloths daily.i mean how to do in case of traveling road trip and have to unwrap cloths every day on trip.

  2. De rahat, te trezești că ai dita pietroiu de haine care ocupa și mai mult loc și dacă vrei să mai scoți ceva pana la despachetare pula
    Mi am pierdut 10 minute din viață degeaba

  3. Brilliant. No longer need my travel iron

  4. this is really useful for moving

  5. I mean the clothes was wrinkled before he started

  6. I just ironed my clothes then I did this waited and came back to unfold it needless to say I have to iron again

  7. What classifies someone as a “packing expert”

  8. If you want to use a t-shirt, you must unfold all the clothes and then fold it again

  9. Been using a combo of rolling n bundling into my carry on for over 4 years. TSA inspected only once, in Ecuador. I simply removed the bundle whole so security could unzip the bag's lining and check inside the lining. HOWEVER, I pack so much into my carry on it weighs too much to qualify as carry on and I always have to check it in.

  10. get this man a 10 millions subscribers

  11. Sir those so called "experts" lied to you. All you have to do is roll it up. Wrinkle free & easy access.

  12. i was travelling an tsa unwrapped everything

  13. "I called some packing experts" didn't know that was a thing

  14. Now what if I want to take out the innermost T-shirt immediately?

  15. when u did the tutorial and the TSA agent tells u that he is gonna have to search ur carry-on bag and then ruins everything….

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    Support us on Indiegogo right now! Pre-order here

  17. thx soo much today i am going camping big time saver

  18. Please don't do this. Worst packing ever.

  19. Leave it to TSA to ruin a good thing.

  20. This is only practical if you only have one destination that you will completely unpack at.

  21. … And then you have to try to get one item out of that bundle. What if travel requires living out of the suitcase. No thanks.

  22. Wow, I’ve just learnt more about packing in 2 mins than I have in my whole life. Thanks.

  23. Based on the comment, I could say I didn't seen him peeing, so he is not going to pee… or he didn't showered, so he not gonna shivering in the whole trip. I am sure there's plenty of space in the smaller sackets on his bag.

  24. When you're traveling and if your suitcase is selected to be randomly searched they're going to undo all that work you just did. My friend said ever since he started putting things in clear Ziplock bags in his suitcase his suitcase hasn't been searched in years.

  25. It really is a space-saving method. Tried it and won't go back…😏

  26. why not use a garment bag to Avoid Wrinkled Clothes when you travel? recommend this :

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