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Burgess Owens: Wake up, our government is complicit

Utah Congressman urges President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to visit the southern border on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FoxBusiness #EveningEdit

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  1. We don't have a President.

  2. Biden is complicit with the human traffickers.

  3. Nancy is out of reality. The children are being trafficked. Why? Wake up. This is human trafficking at tax payers expense.



  6. And the Dem’s want to remove the 2nd amendment… government creating a risk to citizens and also removing their ability to protect themselves.

  7. 😆 about 20 years late for this announcement.

  8. Send them back. Let THEIR govts take care of them for a change.

  9. I believe the Coach was there to tell them not to go near his kids. Obviously someone on his team was involved! This is bunk!

  10. As nice of a guy he is and how much he loves this country and is a patriot. All this is falling on deaf ears. The plan is to create as much mayhem, caos and violence as possible so they can call marshall law and take our guns. Wake up people we're dealing with a corrupt administration and nobody is on our side we only have each other.

  11. Obviously, it safe to Cartels donated to Biden Presidential Election and he's keeping his end of the deal.

  12. Love you Sen Burgess Owens!

  13. What a shame that half of us (born americans) let selfish people distract us from now, today, our future; to the past and things that don't exist anymore to vet us against one another. We are weak right now as a country and until people wake up and stop wasting their focus on what was and focus on what opportunities we all have AS AMERICANS, and quit throwing it away like spoiled brats, we will stay weak till there's no USA for anyone to flee to. Wake up america! we are all human beings, we all bleed red, we are all brothers and sisters and sisters and brothers… No matter your religion, sexual orientation, nor political party we are AMERICANS together we are strong, together we are a beacon to the world! Sadly now while we call each other names like WHITE SUPREMIST, DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, JIM CROW, and we try to make anyone sorry for the color of their skin and erase their past , we are a joke and won't make it to any kind of better future. We are strong together only.

  14. They couldn't make it any more obvious that they are enemies of the state and the people. Guilty of the highest crimes in the land. It's time to normalize the discussion of investigating and criminally punishing all who are complicit in treason in Congress and particularly the democrat party. You can't tell me we don't have the technology or authority to do that. So, the question is why is the government not investigating them or "upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States of America?" Right? I took that oath. So, let's be honest. If I am to be held accountable before God. I and everyone else who took the same oath. What does that mean we are supposed to do with the democrat party? And what does that make them? Domestic enemies. Period. End of discussion. We need a commission on modern day treason.

  15. Kudos for Burgess Owens! We are facing the age old evil that all through history has plagued humanity. THings will get a lot worse soon enough. Buckle up.Lock and load . Coming to your neighborhood too. THIS PROBLEM IS IN REALITY THE DEVILS IDEA OF A SOLUTION. WE LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES.

  16. Thank you Burgass Owens. So glad you are my representative in Utah.

  17. They need to be impeached, they did it to trump for nothing,impeach both them , for not doing there jobs of protecting the constitution an the, people,backing the BLM an atifa terrorists who are destoring America,an the Democrates won't even call them terrorist they bail them out jail . biden an harris are a surcurity risk to America ,biden for being owned by china and turning America into a comunist country and harris for. Supporting a demestic terrorists group.they don't care about the people or America,only their own agenda, please there's got to be something the republicans an the American people can do

  18. Anyone that does this should be charged with child abuse!!!!

  19. And we need to go after the cartel and illuminate them from this planet they are not worth a crap I know it sounds hard but it isn’t we can go over and invade a country like Iraq other countries that are causing problems why shouldn’t we indeed Mexico and handle it obviously the politicians over there can’t handle their country

  20. We MUST FIGHT against this



  23. Democrat politicians are destroying this country, by design.

  24. They dont care about them kids

  25. Wonderful speech regarding democrats taking away black history and the evils of Critical Race Theory the other day. You truly are in touch with the issues in a factual vs ideological way. Thank you Rep Owens.

  26. ANTIFA claim they have no leader, that is because there is not just 1 person. Those that cultivated, encouraged and turned these terrorist out are the Professors and Teachers in our education system! College campuses were being scrutinized over links to Antifa. "Were" being the operative word, the new administration no doubt put the brakes on any investigations that could threaten their agenda.

  27. The cartel is your new next door neighbor, criminals coming in at all ends, why?? because they we're invited by this administration. What can we do about this insanity?


  29. Why aren't the Republican's not even trying to start the impeachment process against Biden & Harris WTF !? Republicans wake up please !!

  30. They got a evil leader, biden ect…. Pandemonium at the White House

  31. The Biden administration's neglect of the border is a crime against humanity. When will the military stop Bidens destruction of our security and the deaths and exploitation of the migrants. This Manchurian candidate needs to be removed. America can't take 4 years of this.

  32. Put Trump in the White House where he should be. Biden is not legally POTS

  33. Our president is pushing for communist. Look at history.We American people need to do something right now.

  34. Thank you very much Owes you are a true patriot stay safe God bless

  35. Glad you are with us Mr Owens

  36. My only disappointment with this great Representative is that he did not enter congress years ago! He is a champion and a great model for all young people

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