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By the Numbers: Bob Dylan sells his entire music catalog

Music legend Bob Dylan sold his entire catalog of songs in what’s been touted as the most important music publishing deal of all time.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Why would Bob do this? Wouldn’t he rather his family live off the royalties for generations to come?

  2. Frank Zappa was right: Bob Dylan is a pathetic sell-out and has been for most of his life

  3. Cashing in now before the democrats raise taxes next year.

  4. Very smart of him, to be able to profit off of his catalog of work while hes still around to benefit off of it without lawyers and BS getting involved after his death

  5. Considering he hasn't made a good song in 50 years, it's about time.

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  7. Only $300 million? There are sportsball players that have multi year contracts for way more.

  8. The Beatles did it. Did anyone bitch and moan about that? It’s a commodity.

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  12. Congressmen Senators please heed the call

    Don't stand in the doorways don't block up the hall….

  13. Both the money and the songs are going to be completely worthless really soon

  14. Yeah, I would not pay $200 .
    Get ready for "Lay Lady Lay" mattress commercials.

  15. Poor Bob . Must be in debt up to his harmonica .

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  17. UMG will now block everything Dylan ever did from youtube. Get it fast.

  18. Who in their right mind would buy his music. I saw him in concert once. It was the worst gig I’ve ever seen

  19. It’s worth all of $0.72 cents. Still hurts my ears every time they are subjected to it💯🤮

  20. Well..guess it is tyme to burn my white lable promo freewheeling….another corparate overtake…burn this country down allready

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