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By The Numbers: China’s economic boom

China reports record growth over the past year since the pandemic began, but signs point to a potential slowdown.

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  1. I advise the newscaster to go live in China and speak honestly about the Chinese government. She will be in jail forever.

  2. US firms are funding genocide in CCP's China while they copy the military tech.

  3. China most pay the damages of the corona virus all over the world

  4. Trump: Trade war is easy to win.

  5. Whose growth is not going to last is the USA. It is only growing fast now because of extreme debt financed government handouts. It is becoming like Japan growing only through gigantic debt.

  6. That money from the vaccine doing them justice huh

  7. Love ❤️ China 🇨🇳 strong 💪

  8. thrump make china great agian XDDd

  9. Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been chosen by NASA to construct the spacecraft that will take astronauts to the moon. Been there, done that. $2.9 billion contract to build the lunar lander. Who can think of better things to spend $2.9 billion on? In the science category, how about finding cures for things like Alzheimer's disease? That would save hundreds of billions dollars having to care for these patients.

  10. They had an asian correspondent yeah

  11. I would have appreciated seeing side by side results, compared to America

  12. China is quickly becoming number 1.

  13. Baloney! Boycott all products produced in mainland China, or at least all high
    technology products and products made by Chinese manufacturers,
    including products of US and other producers manufactured in China
    before we have enabled the PLA to invade Taiwan and other countries. If
    we do so, and prohibit US and foreign investment in mainland China by
    banning those persons investing from access to the “Swift” system, we
    will starve the parasitic Chinese Communist Party’s leaders of funds and remove
    their ability to arm the PLA and invade their neighbors.

    We should also make it clear to the world that if one of the PLA generals
    were to overthrow the evil CCP and kill the evil, tyrant, Xi, the US
    would support them. Imagine if the poor Chinese people were unshackled from the tyranny and oppression of the CCP parasites! (All PLA generals will keep getting overthrown
    periodically because the CCP knows that this might happen, which is why I
    am sure that the latest figures claiming that the Chinese economy grew
    at more than 10% last year are baloney designed to calm the Chinese
    population and PLA to not rebel against the CCP.)

    A year after the CCP’s leaders kept international borders open and allowed Wuhan and
    other infected travelers to go to foreign countries for weeks or months
    (to ultimately kill millions in the US, Italy, and many other
    countries), after closing internal, Chinese borders, they have faced no
    significant consequences whatsoever. Indeed, the CCP may have been
    researching and modifying the Covid 19 coronavirus as a future bioweapon
    before it leaked, with US government funding via their manipulation of
    gullible imbeciles in the US government to boot!

    It is as if, after Pearl Harbor was attacked, in which fewer than 4,000 Americans
    were reportedly killed, FDR had announced that he would just be
    sanctioning Japanese leaders by freezing their funds in the US. The CCP
    reportedly caused its spies in a Canadian BL-4 lab to send Ebola and
    other hazardous organisms to China to enable the CCP to create
    bioweapons: “Canadian scientist sent deadly viruses to Wuhan lab months
    before RCMP asked to investigate” in CBC.

    The CCP’s coronavirus attack on the USA has killed more than half a million innocents. With
    their friends in Wall Street, the Albright Stonebridge Group, and in the
    Asia Society, the CCP has so far faced no significant consequences for
    those killings whatsoever.

    By not reacting to their actions, we are empowering the CCP. The corrupt, Clinton and Bush (Junior) administrations did the same when they did not react to the Tiennamen
    Square massacre or to the other, Chinese crimes immediately after they
    were occurring. US millionaires and billionaires were thereby encouraged
    to invest for years in mainland China.

    Like Germany’s current leaders, later, US administrations were then under pressure from those
    billionaires not to act against the CCP because their wealthy supporters
    were effectively manipulated by the CCP and were profiting from
    utilizing cheap, Chinese laborers, who were forced to work as
    quasi-slaves, with few rights, prevented from unionizing, and made to
    effectively subsidize the parasitic CCP’s investments. I predict that
    Chancellor Merkel will live for many more decades: I am sure that the
    CCP love her so much that they will be happy to slaughter dozens or
    hundreds of Uighurs or Falun Gong or Tibetans or any other minority
    members who are tissue matches for her to get her the freshest, best
    organs to get transplants.

    Canada’s leader apparently may also get such benefits. I hope that when they are burning in hell someday for their participation in the CCP’s evil, they will realize that it was
    not worth it. Boycott the products of mainland China and cut off the
    funds from the CCP BEFORE they invade and take over Taiwan or South
    Korea or Japan or India or Myanmar or the Philippines!

  14. Fake news media! "By the numbers and propaganda" stop reporting fake news

  15. And in the US, we're still battling the pandemic. Trying to run with one leg to catch up with China. 🙂 Everything positive with China must have a negative spin!

  16. Before people throwing racist comments, last year same period China had a huge decline, -6.8%, so if you have any economy knowledge, this growth is because mostly an easy comp.

  17. This channel makes fake news about china. The covid virus is come from america not china
    People who are the not stupid know that China always the best country, Rising above own score. No other nation can be matched. You must respect and obey the most glorious nation China or else there will be consequences. I am so proud to be a Chinese. We Chinese are the smartest, strongest and greatest race.

  18. Chinese government's number. Nah!

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  20. How could China not profit ? They made sure their yes man was put in office, Beijing Biden !

  21. Lol, just focus on what comes after the "but", that's what they really want to tell you

  22. They have changed so much. Skin is like CAUCATION skin. Looks like another people except the eyes. IS IT FOOD THE LACK OF SUN CHANGING THEM OVER THE CENTURIES.

  23. This is example how much more efficient is some kind of organized economic boost vs. just let corporations decide. Same thing with diminished scale will happen in US little later. The real cure in US would be not let banks create money(which ends up being "dormant money" in tax havens as well as bloating stock companies) but instead deploy the government to pump in the expected growth every year. Some of it would end up supporting healthy cleansing 2% inflation and rest would support real GDP growth. The injected amount should be very carefully and scientifically calculated. Such system will support well being of citizens instead of current well being of billionaires bathing in dormant money.

  24. ~!~~American virus /American AIDS /American flu
    covid-19 originated in the United States. Two virus leaks occurred in the Fort Detrick Biolab in the U.S. in 2019, and the United States virus infected the world.Americans are trying to hide the truth
    Influenza comes from the United States, AIDS comes from the United States,covid-19 come from the United States.

  25. chin has alot of help from the crime minster of Canada,,as Canada is falling to its knees

  26. Ah yes. China knew about the virus since November. It still continued to allow international travel to and from China. Other foreign countries only started getting affected in February. Western nations like the US have made mistakes on ways handling the virus, but China knew about it since November yet either downplayed or just kept other nations in the dark. Now, China is recovering while nations around the world have citizens dying by the thousands and their economies crippled because of China’s lack of transparency. This is what should be addressed and discussed.

  27. If China grow 2.3%, while everyone else is -10%.
    Western media: …its China's slowest growth in over 4 decades.
    If China grow 18% by same quarter last year, while everyone else is flat.
    Western media: China rate of growth is slowing down to 0.6% compared to last quarter. The trend is "concerning".
    If China then grow 10% quarter to quarter.
    Western media: China grow by 10% quarter to quarter but the rate of growth is slowing down.
    Then China growth rate beat expectations year on year
    Western media media: China growth rate expands slightly, but whether it can continue this rate is unknown.
    😂 😂 😂

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