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By the Numbers: College enrollment on the decline

A new study finds that college enrollment is down this year overall, and particularly at the nation’s community colleges.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Good most people should do a apprenticeship or go to trade school. The diploma factories are sending grown spoiled children into the work force. Stop getting worthless liberal arts degree and expect to be able to pay back 100k in student loans.

  2. Because the woke joke is gonna kill the schools fools

  3. Colleges and universities are liberal indoctrination factories. Students come out dumber with a useless degree

  4. Aside from the fact that it's ridiculous to accept a life as a debt-whore, it should be pointed out what LOWLIFE TRASH are usually hired by both public colleges as teachers and administration. They are liars and sneaky backstabbing POS that shouldn't be allowed in our neighbirhoods. I personally have had some DESPICABLE teachers

  5. That's because Americans are tired of having their children indoctrinated. It's good to see that.

  6. I'm not paying 1000 dollar tuition for a class them be told I have to sit at home and participate because of Covid. VIRTUAL LEARNING SUCKS!

  7. With Universal Basic Income on the horizon, young people will expect to be paid for doing nothing.

  8. Trades are the way to go these days,There will always be trade jobs.

  9. I'm an artist and I realized I can just learn on my own instead of paying 40k

  10. Because nowadays College sucks so bad that they’re just making Students stupider and homeless instead! People save that College Funds $$$ for a good House and buying Stocks!

  11. There are many reasons:
    1) College is way too expensive, Tuition + room and board = bankruptcy
    2) The Office of Admissions is racist against whites and Asians,
    3) Zoom is not the same as in-person schooling (so why charge the same price?),
    4) Too many universities are overtly liberal–progressively liberal. It's a turnoff for many conservative students.
    5) Many of the degrees are literally LITERALLY useless.
    6) Standardized tests are being eliminated, so there's no point to work hard and study.
    7) Virtual graduation ceremonies just don't cut it. It's not the same.
    8) Many professors are old and out of touch with reality. Think ivory tower.
    9) The horror stories of student loan debt are very scary.

  12. Why would you want live in a dorm during covid lol, colledge is only useful for fields in stem.

  13. Why strive for anything when everything is in the palm of your hand? The numbers will only get worse.

  14. Good! Americans are finally waking up to the fact that colleges are just liberal brainwash institutions! Teach you nothing useful!

  15. Covid mixed with obscene prices and an economy that no longer benefits those with higher degrees all lead to people wanting to find alternatives at this point, to where if things continue the way they are, higher education is going to lose so much that many universities will have to close down due to being unable to afford to remain functional.

  16. Wonder why is it how expensive it can get or college party’s or college deaths It could be anything or no reason at all maybe bullying or cheating….🧐😒

  17. I'm surprised it ain't zero it's a pandemic people want to feel safe, why not Lower tuition for up to 4 years. And freeze increase to get people to come back and allow people to do online if that's what they choose. 😇😤🤦🏻‍♀️🗃️🗑️🏧📽️👀🗞️📠🤔💸💸💸💷😷😵📰🗞️ I think in light of the pandemic it should be loans being covered for a minimum of two up to 4 years if you're in a college or community College as well take it off your student loan to get the people to feel uncomfortable of going back to school and back to work that would be logical but that's too much like right 😤👎🏼👀📠🤔💸💷💷🗃️📰🗞️🏧📽️💯‼️🥴🤷🏼‍♀️

  18. Don't go there they hate Asian.

  19. Terrible! Now who will teach the American youth to hate America? Oh, to be woke & stupid💯🤣

  20. Make it cheaper and more people can afford to go. This isn't rocket science. It's basic economics. Most (like myself, I didn't even attempt to strive for an elite university like Princeton or Brown because I wanted to avoid all the debt) will weigh the cost and benefits and decide it just isn't worth it. Your Gender Studies major isn't going to impress any employer, at least in the private sector. Sorry.

  21. Too expensive. I’ve been accepted into Grad school and the breaker will be the cost. I love to learn, but too expensive.

  22. Unless you’re majoring in the next hottest highest paying field or plan on becoming a college professor with tenure someday, college really isn’t worth the cost. You just wind up with a large amount of debt, no good paying job prospects within your field of interest, and no way of releasing that debt through bankruptcy. You essentially become a debt slave for the rest of your life, which, I honestly believe, is by design.

  23. Colleges are a failed system. You are way better off getting a job and experience right away making money than to climb into school debt up to your eyeballs and be lucky to get a job.

  24. The word is getting out the all colleges do is turn people into debt slaves… Forever paying on loans that incur so much interest it can be nearly impossible to pay them off.

  25. Lol y'all are finally realizing the US is ass and it's very much pleasing to me 🤗

  26. College is a scam, become an entrepreneur

  27. Maybe this will convince colleges to stop being rediculously over priced… because who tf can even afford college and who tf wants to be in debt during man made pandemics.. plz

  28. Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.

  29. Finally people are realizing college is a waste

  30. Make it affordable again.

  31. ⭐️⭐️⭐️TRUMP2020⭐️⭐️⭐️

  32. Did anyone notice everything dropped expect Graduate Degrees such as Masters and Doctoral degrees went up 4.4 percent lol now that’s a plot twist for the ages…. 😂 that’s easy payback. Usually those degrees start to set decent paying jobs due to their specific line of work, from healthcare administration, public health and or etc. I just see it smart idk why, the other degrees and stuff I get it guys. But look there it is they said it masters and doctoral degrees spiked up. Just take a second to think about it. Classes are online and no need to go, and your earning a masters or doctorate degree from the luxury of your home and if they do go in person I’m sure it’s not all day. Idk just my opinion or guess to why it was the only one to increase while everything else decreased lol

  33. Abolish all big colleges

  34. College is not needed. Just get working in something.. colleges well only make you spend lots of money for nothing..

  35. No worries! Biden going too make it free!👍

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