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By the Numbers: Education bigger factor than race in COVID vaccine willingness

COVID-19 vaccine acceptance is on the rise and now education, more than race, best predicts who is willing to get the shot, a new survey finds.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Thats also dependent on the types of jobs thise "educated " people have. This is not clear info at all. More like a way to manipulate people into not wanting to feel they are not educated enough to make a proper choice for themselves

  2. So your saying that minorities can’t get online to sign up for vaccines like Biden says?

  3. I'm very disappointed ABC could not make this racist and blame Trump so how.

  4. Journalism is completely dead in this country

  5. With that said, keep the schools closed so every kid is even dumber to Brainwash with communist agenda.

  6. The two are not related and you can apply that stat to any culture any ethnicity. These people will report anything they will do anything to report anything and they will report anything that is about anything. They will report on a fly right in front of her face right now.

  7. stupid media Executives some of their topics are so confusing they force you to click. They force you to click.

  8. People getting the vaccine are in for a terrible ride of secondary effects and possibly die sooner for mysterious causes without the possibility of suing the pharmaceutical companies. Best case scenario they are going to be infertile

  9. The anti vaxxers are telling us what to do while their children live as horrible mutations

  10. If you can be manipulated into storming the capitol and planting bombs you can be manipulated into much worse. Conservatives posses a larger right amygdala than other people, its the emotion center of the brain so its not hard to imagine.

  11. Zantac had more time in clinical trials than these vaccines. How did that go?

  12. There’s no way 55 percent of Americans have been vaccinated. It’s only available to the elderly and essential workers.

  13. What does race have to do with anything?

  14. Nope sorry, the biggest factor in vaccine hesitancy is people like my wife and I who pass out truthful information about the dangers of vaccines to both our fellow staff and parents, mention that in your news reportB. I.

  15. Indoctrination, not education 🙄, by the way, just because someone may be educated, doesn't automatically mean that they are rational.

  16. Why are people so worried about the covid vaccines? Do they also not take any other vaccines against other diseases?

    Haven't tests proven that the vaccine has been effective so far?

  17. Let’s get down to the fact of what the minorities want. Cut them a check for reparations from slavery and from the attack on racist covid.

  18. Education is a factor! Fox News has been saying this for over a year now. Better late than never. Good job ABC.

  19. Reminder that a barista with a gender studies degree is counted as "educated", while a plumber who owns his own business is not.

  20. What a joke, these idiots can manipulate the numbers (any numbers) to say what they want. The real question is who is stupid enough to believe what they say without verifying it?


  22. “You are smart if you get our special serum” 🙂👹

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