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By the Numbers: Team USA strikes gold

The U.S. Olympic team finished with the most gold medals and the most overall medals in the Tokyo Summer Games.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. Congratulations to all the extraordinarily strong, smart and dedicated American Olympians, we are profoundly grateful to you.

  3. So we have a pandemic going on and all y'all want to talk about is the Olympics but let's see if you're vaccinated or wear masks you can still catch covid so what about all of these Olympians from America that's overseas that's going to come home and give covid to other people but I guess ABC is not smart enough to realize that f*** the Democrats f*** ABC and if you don't like that f*** you too

  4. Top ten Gold Medal winning countries in per capita order:
    Place Country G S B Tot Population Gold Medals per 10,000,000 people
    6 Australia 17 7 22 46 25,203,198 6.75
    7 Netherlands 10 12 14 36 17,097,130 5.85
    4 Great Britain 22 21 22 65 67,530,172 3.26

    3 Japan 27 14 17 58 126,860,301 2.13

    10 Italy 10 10 20 40 60,550,075 1.65

    8 France 10 12 11 33 65,129,728 1.54

    5 ROC 20 28 23 71 145,872,256 1.37

    9 Germany 10 11 16 37 83,517,045 1.20

    1 USA 39 41 33 113 329,064,917 1.19

    2 PR China 38 32 18 88 1,433,783,686 0.27

    At least your country still beat China.

  5. Yay! Good job every medalist! Every Medalist! You did it! Be proud and condolences to the loss of one aunt and hope everyone is well at home relaxing rightfully so.

  6. Украли медали по художественной гимнастики! Воры!

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  8. F the Olympics we got very big problems in the world . 🐺

  9. US number 1, China number 2, nothing new.

  10. Yippee. Gold metals! Yup! It’s just great. Best story of the whole week! Yup!! Thanks!!

  11. Man if taiwan was apart of china wouldnt china be in the lead? Interesting thought

  12. Once every 4 years America gets to be great.

  13. It was pretty close, but at the end of the day commies lost.

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