California city leads the charge on gas appliances ban

FOX Business’ Kennedy discusses California’s new tiny homes initiative, arguing the state spends ‘so much money with so few results.’ #foxbusiness 

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  1. Yeah build a half assed home

  2. Those people are idiots…

  3. did u say fossil fuel…. instead of the middle class or below that… well that change , to be honest is a lot for any family.alott of money to switch…

  4. Newsom can't fix what wrong so they go after any stupid idea just to stay in the news and look like he's doing something.

  5. Create more demand for the electricity you don't have. Smart.

  6. We have an electric water heater and it works fine. What is she talking about 😂

  7. Hahah rolling black out for California lol hopefully California crashes lol ,how else are those third world countries using their slave labor mining for materials when you charge your electric car better start thanking those one arm kids

  8. That nut governor in California is really sticking it to the Californians
    There lol I feel bad for the people who cannot leave but those Democrat and liberal voters there
    I hope you eat it up ! You deserve it!

  9. What in the hell is wrong with California. Those politicians are completely morons and really really stupid. And far as I am concerned about the water issue. Well Stop filling your swimming pools and no grass. Otherwise use the ocean

  10. These people are freaking delusional

  11. In California when you have rain sometimes the electricity goes off what will happen if we have a big storm and the electricity is off for a whole week how we going to feed our family

  12. Do not comply with this stupidity, ever. Period.

  13. You almost remember every chemical known to man California says may cause cancer

  14. You have got to be kidding me! Thirty million for tiny homes and not a one of them has a bathroom in them! 🙄

  15. Lol California is going down people are leaving in droves

  16. So sad get the bum out of office.

  17. Many homeless like that life!

  18. Control, control, control!!!!!!

  19. If California wants to "depopulate " they are doing a excellent job!

  20. Way to go California! Your state is self-destructing. Your experiment with Socialism has failed Yeah, you keep going as if that Cliff isn’t there.

  21. Lawsuits a plenty.Should be civil suits on these scumbag politicians too.Let them pay for their tyranny

  22. hilarious. There is zero evidence to this nonsense

  23. California needs an enema. Starting with the governor

  24. Does gavin Newsom live like the folks on Gilligan's island. NOW that's being all green…

  25. Kennedy first comment on point… reminded me of Spaceballs movie… when will then be now?…Soon. 😂

  26. Maybe an earthquake will fix the problem.

  27. As long as the cheating goes on in our elections this CRAZYNESS will continue. We know he wasn't elected. We know he was recalled. But they cheat!

  28. To Californians : STAY THERE!

  29. evil runs in the family.

  30. So how do they think the electricity is produced to operate all those electric stoves?

  31. I wish they would focus on inefficiencies vs. bans

  32. I guess we will have to go back to burning wood and coal.