Saturday , January 22 2022
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California High School Bans Students From Using Smartphone | NBC Nightly News

Students at San Mateo High School must lock up their phones every single school day this year. School officials hope the move will get students focused in classes.
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California High School Bans Students From Using Smartphone | NBC Nightly News


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  1. In college, the teacher just embarrasses you if you are found distracting him/her with your phone. To be honest, the mobile device is one of the greatest inventions and should be embraced. It's like if your school had enough money to give all students a laptop so they can learn much more about technically and research, etc. But, the school doesn't have to pay cause their parent's pay for it. Kids are smarter now cause of mobile devices. However, they should be taught how to develop apps or something. That's where the world is moving toward… automation.

  2. Wow! Keeping phone's out of schools, great, how are they going to call 911 if a shooter comes to visit? Hey, wait… schools not allowing phone's, another passive idea:instead use the money to advance gun control and stop domestic terrorist. Doesn't make much sense to me.

  3. These students have a chance to gain intelligence by getting off the phone and gaining an education.

  4. Ain’t no way I will make my kid leave phone at home.
    With issues today. She will keep phone on her. If something happened at the school the best info is from someone inside.
    I don’t trust cops etc 100%.
    I trust the people but as a cop you have to play by rules and politics and there’s the issue.

  5. Okay, here in Texas? If we're caught with our phones GOD FORBID AN AMBER ALERT GOES OFF they take them up and we have to pay to get them back. Is that not normal??

  6. Don't most schools already do this?

  7. Oh yeah school shooting happened’s can’t call 911 or tell your parents your ok! I would keep my phone on me PERIOD

  8. Actually wish they did this at my high school. People are missing out on genuine human connection and it's heartbreaking. 🙁

  9. How about instead of banning the inevitable, try integrating technology into learning. They are basically banning a culture. Some kids find it easier to learn on technology that they are used to and comfortable using. I know from personal experience. I had a lot of anxiety, and transitioned to online public school at home. I did everything on the computer for 6 hours per day. Learn at your own rate, and ALL on computer, tablet, or phone. In a physical school technology can be used for communication. Show friends your pictures, social medias during lunch. Use computers/tablets for reading and studying during class. The teachers and administers think that if it's not how it was when they grew up in the 50s with nothing but pen and pencil it is immoral! It's only a matter of time before they ban calculators!

  10. BOI BOIiii BOIiii Teacher get MAD when you TALk Now there getting mad cause we don’t talk?! I thought this was school for teacher that are smart not dumb

  11. As long as they're protecting the students from mass shooters, I think that this is a great thing

  12. I bet all you need is a strong magnet to disassemble the pouch locking mechanism.

  13. The smartest idea since smart phones.

  14. This should b interesting when somebody shoots up their school


  16. Here in Massachusetts, some schools have the kids drop their phones in a holding area when they go into a classroom each period. I think it’s a better system than outright banning them altogether.

  17. I work in a school district that technically prohibits phones in class but a riot ensues if teachers try to enforce it, it so the kids are glued to their phones all day long.


  19. Good! Finally, that generation gets told (at least a soft) "No!" Now, take their phones away PERMANENTLY until they can PAY THEIR OWN PHONE BILLS. You know, like it was for the REST of us. Nothing wrong with phoneless kids AT ALL. They learn REAL survival skills, and, again, how to take "No!" for an answer!!! You do that, and you'll see far fewer mass-shootings, because they won't be such TRIGGERED SNOWFLAKES about things that don't matter, like LEGAL assylum seekers, and so much more!!!

    People, mass-shootings aren't only a uniquely American Problem. They're not even only uniquely a white, straight/cis-male problem. They're also a GENERATIONAL problem. That generation was NOT RAISED RIGHT, and guess who they hate the most? Not only POC, but also older POC. Why? Because they don't ever get told "No!" by anyone until they hit their young adult years, and all the sudden they have to deal with older people in the world who aren't their parents or grandparents… Older people who understand the VALUE of saying "No!" a LOT – and who aren't afraid to say it to younger adults who weren't parented right… When are people going to get a clue? It's not only the propoganda that's getting 'm online. It's how they're being spoiled rotten in the first place, then one day, they get told "No!" and they don't know how to handle it because they were never taught right to begin with…

    Anyway, let the "No!" start with their stupid phones!!!! Glad there are medical exceptions, but really, that's it. That's the only actual use for those phones. Teach those kids to learn to take "No!" for an answer, and guess what? There goes the trite "reasoning" they all give for wanting to have them, "What if there's a mass-shooting at school?" Yeah, there won't BE mass-shootings every other F'n day. They'll be NORMAL kids living NORMAL lives, just like the REST OF US DID when we were kids.

    Or is that too much to ask?????

  20. When ur high school gets on national news

  21. That just too much control. We don't need that in our schools.

  22. The kids are going old school ! They will adjust after much 😡 !

  23. Without Mobile Devices I'm all for having Phones out on Breaks Breakfast Or lunch in the Cafeteria or if there isn't something to do then that's fine What would have Happened to the Students if tragedy struck it's one of those things you have to think about it's a dangerous time Right now it use to be safe when I was growing now it isn't

  24. San Mateo High School District is one of the best areas in the country. Having an education from there you assume the rest of the country gets at least as much. not so much

  25. I would def leave that school 😂

  26. Nobody:
    Absolutely nobody:
    No one in the universe:
    California: Ban it

  27. A San Mateo High what happens if there is a mass shooting or other emergencies where the EMTs, fire or police need to be contacted

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