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California Highway Patrol officer killed in shootout: officials hold news conference | ABC News

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  1. Lol California has so many issues

  2. Hopefully our prayers will be answered

  3. CHP has very bad karma. A CHP, Craig Peyer, murdered Cara Knott. He sexually assaulted her and then threw her body off a bridge. CHP also beat up Rodney King. Another CHP beat up a black woman near a highway…

    The internet is full of crimes committed by people paid to protect us, but it's the worst of the worst because it's our taxes paying them when they're abusing their power. Even gets atrocious when the court system backs them up. Just think about it… Craig murdered a woman because he knew he could get away with it. That's how corrupt they are. They have too much power, and clearly abuse it, so there's going to be some bad karma going around. It's just the way life works. If you're part of a corrupt gang, expect random bad things to happen to you even if you're innocent.

  4. Ok this is a new law as of today. How about police officers only stop people and questioning people when it is a crime in progress.
    Rule#1 please starte policing the news media spreading fake news toward blacks Muslim and Mexican Americans.
    Rule#2 peace of mind is everything. Meaning police when you don't have any to do and your day is boring go by your local school doesn't matter what level talk to the kids and give a positive speech. There are no crimes today.
    Rule#3 Officers you'll feel great about yourself.
    Rule#4 People do not have to die because your day is mess up.
    Rule#5 People are tried of fearing that the very people that is supposed to serve and protect are the most dangerous peoples. Because to be real with you America I been waiting it is going to happen some policemen or policewoman whole family at their house is going to be killed as well after the police officer who killed someone else family member. I hate to text this but it is coming it is going to happen. Lord father God please protect the law enforcement to whom the situation may accur.
    Rule#6 we all need to stand together and unify as one on this planet because heaven will not have it. I'm talking about negativity.
    Rule#7 Dear white people. Don't you know that it is a sin to live in fear every day of your life? That is a negative thought you can't believe in the lord if that all you think about is blacks are bad people.
    Rule#8 goes with rule#7 it is true when you do evil evil comes back 100 time more evil. Notice American I used the words rule with # sign because I can't make laws. I'm out America God bless you and may God bless these here United states of America.

  5. He shouldn't have towed the truck for no reason I felt like doing the same today he's lucky I was smoking a cigarette or else you guys would have been mourning another one today


  7. I was sympathy go out to the family of the officer that died in the line of duty we don't know if he was a good blue or a bad blue keep in mind he still was a human being with a family we sending our sympathy and peace from the Middle East

  8. What's the problem .. if they kill citizens its all normal. That's what you deserve if you are a fucked up cop.

  9. Before we jump to conclusions maybe this was a bad cop harassing, intimidating, bullying, and amping up the whole stop. Maybe the motorist feared for his life from this blue isis thug and needed to fire to save his life. Most cops are bad cops.

  10. California Highway patrol , I realize the obstacles for funds available to have more officers , you could spearhead legislation for the governor and the state of California for help , don't settle for anything less than having a Highway patrolman having the capability to ride in two's with a partner, the double tragedy is it didn't have to happen if he had a partner watching the person who was being stopped

  11. Translation: We tried to steal his truck and he wasn't having it.

  12. The air smells better and my dogs have more of it to breathe. A win-win for humanity. The police don't give a fuck when they brutalize and murder people so I return the sentiment when cops get greased and pray they rot in hell.


  14. The assassination never ends, what is the solution to the actions of his governmdnt?

  15. Prayers going out for the brave officers and their families

  16. That’s why every officer should have a partner with them, so he/she always has someone to watch their back and this one may not happen

  17. Agents have only Themselves to blame fom the fact that most sane people
    now HATE their fucking guts.

  18. Banning guns will have the same effect as the war on drugs

  19. This is what happens when you have a sanctuary state that protects gangs illegals ms 13 gangs drug pushers from Mexico that get released to the public and protected by the Democratic party and their hate pushing Antifa

  20. Who did the shooting?! I bet he wasn’t Black

  21. Cops are unnecessary pirates of the streets bout time americans started shooting the enemies in blue!!!

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