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California on the Brink of Pension Crisis and It's About to Get Bigger

FBN Special Report: FBN’s Liz MacDonald weighs in on California’s growing pension problem.


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  1. And i was anxious to move to California, i guess now Columbia.

  2. Lying Ca Govenor Gavin Newsom just said we have a surplus that's why he's going to pay for Health Insurance for illegal immigrants

  3. Six years ago, you got a government that loves to make laws to spend your money.

  4. How about the reparation that American Democrats will pay .no wonder they want big government means big salary and big pensions. America you got a big problem!!

  5. Don't forget the expensive living as well.

  6. Escape from California the sequel of Escape from New York 👈😯🤢

  7. right, Callifornia has alway been landed of FREEE BREAD and BUTTERS for ILLEGAL…so what the problem.

  8. Is this what's showing on paper or is this a way to funnel money out with out being caught that seems like a lot of money going out

  9. The socialist state is sinking!! GLUG< GLUG

  10. Where is why they're all going on her it's run by democrats they suck all the money and not be accountable for the money goes and they want more money to have more entitlements that's not how it works you cannot do that if you do two months of it you'll bury yourself under and look what's happening now they're better than their self under

  11. It's odd how government employees have the highest pensions. Unions are a scam that bilks the average man.

  12. Politician getting a kick back…. no

  13. It's kind of scary being a California taxpayer and not having ANY control of our government or how my tax money is spent. It's being spent for EVIL and nothing I can do about it. Thank you (for nothing), Governor Newsom. Nancy, why didn't your sister raise Gavin better?? You are a BAD aunt — as well as a BAD speaker of the House!!

  14. Did you ever wonder why states like California, Illinois, NYC are always on the brink of collapse for the last 25 years, but never do? It goes like this. …… California treasury; "OMG if we don't get 57 million dollars by the end of the month we will not be able to pay for public services, pensions, etc. What will we do??? ……. Fed; OK we will buy 57 million dollars in state bonds with key strokes, hold on" ……57,000,000.00, there ya go. ………….California treasury; "Boy that sure was a close call!"
    Repeat every month


  16. I normally don't side with democrats, but I'm going to run for office there in California just for the retirement checks.

  17. California isn't doing it right they deserve what they're getting.

  18. As poorly as California has been run, except for the folks like me that HAVE NO POWER, I DO NOT CARE about the state or a lot of the IDIOTS running it.They are their OWN WORST enemy.

  19. A fuckin retired lifeguard makes 40,000 more a year than I do working

  20. All democrat-run cities are shitholes

  21. Well, I guess we should expect another "FOREST FIRE" or "NATURAL DISASTER" so the U.S. government can spend another 150 million to bail out the corruption of that state … When the hell are they going to sink into the ocean Nostradamus?

  22. There should be not tax payer bail outs with our tax dollars. The federal government can not and should not bail out California. It is not our job to bail out socialists stupidity.

  23. Government employees have become royalty in this country- it has to stop –

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