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California student-athletes sue Gov. Newsom over sports restrictions

Marlon Gardinera and son Nicholas discuss the ‘Let Them Play’ movement on ‘FOX Business Tonight’ #FoxBusiness #FoxBusinessTonight

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  1. Coaches KNOW.. and CARE! More than the Gov…

  2. Great! Fight the ridiculousness..

  3. nobody in CA and NY should ever vote democrat if they have had their eyes open the last 12 months.

  4. That guy needs a new hairdresser

  5. Hey you guys do what you got to do the man is no good he's destroying California all the Democrats have been destroying our California Democrats need to leave California

  6. In Plainview!! They want to control the population. If we don't make the stand together like these 2 and see through the MANUFACTURED ILLUSION at the present, the tiny few(government) will keep going with the (LOCK DOWNS) They use fear to control many along with race baiting tactics, we have to see through the ILLUSION, its what the Democrats and Republicans want…

  7. The school should just open up and play. Kneel before Zod if you won’t stand!

  8. Within ten years California will be red and Texas will be blue

  9. Ya 16 Estados sacaron toda restricción, hagan igual! O muden se a otro estado Libreeee!!!!

  10. I do have to say this if they voted for him then they deserve what they’ve gotten. Vote conservative if you want to fix your problems

  11. The crazy thing is this is what they voted for

  12. What about the comradery of the fellowship of your local Body?
    First if you don't know what that is without further explanation, then further proves the point. Secondly, where's your lawsuit relating to being blocked or restricted from church?
    Exactly, you don't have one, only until your worldly comradery is infringed and misappropriate the resources God gave to praise Him and you exalt the worldliness of playing little boy games.
    And this is a serious lack of priority and ungodly mindset.
    When will you lament and mourn your offense and disobedience and hate of God?
    Are you even reconciled to your Creator or are you "playing both sides of the field"? Which the latter is called life of the Lukewarm and is not reconciled.
    You father, and all fathers, need to put away your dereliction for your children and family and Repent. Be Born Again in Truth in Righteousness, or don't be dismayed when your family is taken from you or destroyed internally nythe many destructions that take place. I.e. "mental illnesses" "emotional instability" drug/alcohol abuse" "criminal careers" "illegitimate/broken children/marriages" etc etc etc.

  13. The threat did not match the " fix "…. on any level of measure. He should sue. I wish him luck.

  14. Open the gyms 100%

  15. Awesome! Other parents should join these types of suits. Fightv bck people. These are righteous causes.

  16. The double standard is actors and celebrities are considered essential workers.

  17. Great point coach!

  18. Why let the barber off the hook, sue him too

  19. Corona is a complete psyop! I'm glad more people are finally waking up and standing up for themselves.

  20. Teachers don't want to teach
    The all powerful teacher's unions are behind this.

  21. So sad they have to say they will adhere to safety measures….lol

  22. for some people high school sports are their only ticket to higher education – it sucks they’re being restricted from getting to play and be scouted during the only couple of years they’d have those opportunities

  23. Biggest challenge will be getting a judge who isn’t corrupt. Should be a slam dunk.

  24. Why did the always fair and balanced fox, cavuto and wallace throw the Greatest President in American History under the Bu? The Honorable President Donald J Trump. A true American Patriot.

  25. Very smart law suit. If I know cali, the government will cave to try to save face. Don't settle. Take him for everything he's got!

  26. CA citizens should just sue Gov Newsome for just being alive!!

  27. After Gavin, he should charge his Barber with deadly assault.

  28. Until mask aren't mandated our freedom is still violated. I never thought Americans would give away rights so easy. I have not and will not ever wear a mask. I'm more worried about flu or pneumonia which affects kids, millions a year, yet never wore mask for, than corona which rarely ever affects kids.

  29. Good for him. More Californians need to grow some balls and run him out of office!

  30. I hope they're all victorious. Will say a prayer on your behalf!

  31. Go them!!! Fight the stupidity! Congrats on your injuction.

  32. All the "idle" things you say kids are doing are a reflection of the parents. Take accountability…..

  33. Should sue his barber!!!!!!!

  34. These kids got it bad. You can blame it on whatever you want but it goes way deeper. The problem is social media period. Has nothing to do with sports or lockdowns. Today’s youth is soft and the most parents embrace the softness. I agree with these two but I don’t at the same time.

  35. Don't vote Democrat, then cry about it…

  36. Kids can't go to school but his kid's have never stopped in person school

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