Monday , January 25 2021
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California's population growth reaches lowest level since 1990

Independent Women’s Forum Senior Policy Analyst Inez Stepman and Ethan Bearman discuss California’s population growth at a record low with FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Lets support Pelosi and Newsome and live and earn in California – they need the additional estate taxes and income taxes. It is every white resident's responsibility to pay their taxes, and every resident's responsibility to stay in lock down until the governor says its safe to leave your home.

  2. This is all by design. Making so sickening and disheartening that Americans leave a coastal state and allow illegal immigrants and foreigners to step in steel homes businesses to take over our borders our ports wake up America it’s all by design don’t let them fool you

  3. Who wants to live in a state that allows homeless to live in filth on the streets of their cities, dictate school and restaurant closures, and tax the people and businesses at the highest rate in our country. I could go on but I think every one knows how the liberal left wing Democrats have ruined a once great state. People of California wake up vote these idiots like Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein Newsome and the rest of the socialists out before it is too late! I find it hard to believe that anyone voted for them in the first place, I think voter fraud is alive and well in California.

  4. I really believe California soon will be party like 1776 never ended ..

  5. Not surprise if more people or business move away to the Republic states leads. Republic states are climbing back to strong in economy and especially the tax 😁👍

  6. Time to lower their electoral votes, number of representatives and senators!

  7. Ya I’m not paying stupid taxes or rates on rent are through the roof no thanks plus crime and what not

  8. California is #1 and the best state, if you love paying taxes; the highest state, gasoline, sin, and nearly the highest for sales. Oh, nearly forgot—-pay that CRV (Calif. Redemption Value) on recyclable cans, plastic beverage containers, & bottles. Come one, come all to a grossly mismanaged state.

  9. State spending is the issue! Quit spending what you don't have… the state needs to just stop. Its driving everyone away.

  10. Neil Cavuto is rude and disgusting

  11. 2:44 by the way, California Income Tax will be 17% starting January. adios 13.3%

  12. Why would anyone want to live anywhere that they make you wear a mask everywhere you go.

  13. Get Newsom, Schiff and Pelosi out and you should get a lot more people back in Cali. 😁

  14. Cavuto your liberal idiot.

  15. I’m from California. I don’t care what you think about my state. Politically, or not. I love my states mountains, deserts, coastline, beaches, farmland, redwoods forests, lakes, and cities. Is there problems? Yes there is. Not everywhere though. But guess what. Us Californians couldn’t be more happy that everybody who moved here to become somebody are finally leaving. That come to use and abuse my beautiful state. We don’t care if you’re leaving. You’re making room for us! 39.78 million is still a huge number. Keep leaving! 😂 you guys came here and raised our cost of living, and changed the dream for many who still wish to come here. California will always be superior to any state no matter what faux news has to say. The powerhouse of this country. Without CA, where would all those expanding tech companies and entertainment come from. The largest agricultural producer of fruits and nuts, milk, etc. Those who always involve politics are acting like a bunch of government gangs. Shut up. That doesn’t solve anything.

  16. Let's not mention the fires, the smoke, the earthquakes, the homeless problem, the sky high real estate prices… yeah, I want to move there!

  17. CA Prop tax is in the bottom 1/2, but house valuation in CA is very high.

  18. 320,380 deaths 17,842,543 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after the shutdown.

  19. If they leave the Democrats in power there, it's going to look like your kitchen at night when you turn on the lights.

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  22. People of texas, watch your back. These idiots fleeing to your state are voting for the same idiots, they did in Cali. Before you know, it has the same impact as a swarm of grasshoppers.

  23. It’s odd we had a whole building clear our right after the election

  24. Look they are telling the illegals run go to California to poops are coming to get you for voting

  25. Doesn't matter because democrats own California and that is the goal.

  26. Highest in taxes, debt, cost of living, homeless, rent, home prices, income inequality. No Thank You.

    "the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money."

  27. The problem with california is smart people are leaving. And stupid ones move in. The free ride is over with soon.

  28. Soon Texas, Florida, and other red states will turn blue because everybody moving from California will keep voting democratically I think this is the plan of the Democrats to turn red states blue.

  29. Wow so companies and jobs leaving Cali so exalty where is kamala CA-D commenting or showing concern on this sudden decline of companies and jobs leaving

  30. prop 13 is the only thing keeping homeowners in this state. so don't get that twisted and tell people they need to get rid of it. California has allowed liberal children take control. I think its time for a change, for the better.

  31. FREE JULIAN ASSANGE….Journalist and English Political Prisoner .

  32. Lex Luthor's plan is finally working. Should be a lot of beachfront property for sale cheap.

  33. Let’s see your books California…where does the money go?

  34. I could only listen to Cavuto for 47 seconds. California sucks because of Democrats, but Cavuto sucks more.

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