Saturday , July 24 2021
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Can a Republican beat Trump in 2020?

Former George W. Bush speech writer Bill McGurn discusses whether a Republican would be able to beat President Trump in 2020.

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  1. I will def support the effort to get a rational, intelligent alternative Republican challenger in the mix. I will never vote for a populist. That’s for the deplorables. I would cite for a real Republican.

  2. Fox News and the fake news media have learned nothing about fake polls. As a minority, I’ve never been asked who I’d be voting for. For sure i won’t be voting for the lunatic demon~crats. 2016 all over again!!

  3. Probably as long as he's not Democrat

  4. Can anybody list why they love Trump so much? All I see is blind trust for a slimy business man who is fooling the working people of this country while helping out his rich friends. Please, I don't mean to antagonize you guys, but this is genuinely how most people on the left and even some on the right feel. I'm open to having my mind changed, and so should you guys and gals. That's part of democracy and free speech, we gotta battle it out with our ideas!

  5. BS! The President's approval ruler is not that low.

  6. Trump will be the nominees again for US President, he only has 3 this time to dispose. President Trump has got the United States on its feet again, and personally I feel it’s a waste of my time to even waste money on a debate. President Trump has the best interests of We the People. These challengers are never Trumper’s, and should go crawl back under their rocks…WWG1WGA…Trump/Pence 2Q2Q…III%.

  7. Finally we are a three party system……….. Ross Perot tried but failed……….. Our President has told the r's and the d's…………… F##@ YOU……………………. This is a country……. OF the People……………. BY the People………. FOR the People….. AND…….UP YOURS UN
    China is going to lose
    Congress…… Who cares until 2024?

  8. Mark, anywhere near Argentina? Maybe you should join Joe, run democrat, you are just their kind of guy!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, you do like "YOUNG" girls, ask Hillary to hook you up, she has the inside track on the women/giirls of color that you like," they like hiking also.

  9. We have a real Leader in the White House who want to stop the corruption in Washington. He should have the help and support of the G.O.P.

  10. LMAO! Trump will win in a landslide….lol

  11. He is a rhino Republican he knows he can't beat Trump. He just wants to take votes away from him to help the democrats

  12. Hilarious!!!
    Your nobody at all, not even a spec on the map. Lol

  13. President Trump will get his 2nd term

  14. The only way ANYONE can beat Trump is to rig the vote

  15. Ha! Ha! Ha! Surely you jest, we needed a smart business man to run this country and we found the right one with Trump. The Democrats have become to liberal and Socialistic for me. Go Trump build that wall!

  16. Fox News has become a joke.
    Why would it run a story trying to divide his voter base??
    Who is this little schmendrick!?

  17. Trump is the first promise keeper since Ike.

  18. Ain't no way in hell can anyone beat Trump.

  19. Trumps cutting social security if gets next term

  20. My name is rosemary armold 3139 elk st port huron mi put a sign on my place when donald trump runs again ! 8 24 2019

  21. Polls r all fake . Trump has a rally anywhere on the planet and there r million people trying to get in . A democrat candidate has s rally and maximum of 200 shows up.

  22. Sorry Joe, you are a loser.

  23. Sanford should be on the campaign trail with Joe Dumpster. They continue daily to show their own intelligence.


  25. the polls are total BULL


  27. NO – any R who runs will be a RINO (vanishing breed) or far right conservative.

  28. Most anyone I know that could challenge Trump has so many skeletons in their closet,they would be stopped in their tracks.

  29. No because that is a skewed poll.People are stronger for Trump than before.

  30. Playing to his supporters? Heh, last I saw 60% dems opposed open borders and subsidizing other nations populations who are here illegally. Fact is the dem candidates are alienating their base in many many ways.

  31. The only 'conservatives' that would run against the President are likely rhinos.

  32. 62% disapprove?! Who did AP poll??? Certainly not myself, nor anyone that I know. For the amount of crap Trump has had to endure 24/7 from the left, I think he is doing an AMAZING job! Anyone else would've caved and quit by now. And Walsh? Standford? Kasich?! Give me a break! Those RINO's don't have a chance.

  33. Please any other Republican run, I'll vote for you.

  34. Go for it dudes break a leg no one is gonna beat Trump.

  35. The challengers are only a problem when they decide to Run as an independent so a Democrat gets in.

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