Can a teacher detect if students are using artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly common across the internet, but teachers are concerned that it could help students cheat. NBC News digital reporter Andrew Stern puts one of his old high school teachers to the test.

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  1. No, its not cheating, its a NEW tool… teach them how to use it properly to get great jobs. The future is NOW… just teach them how to properly write a sentence. Ya KNOE what I means!

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  4. First of All: “A Teacher” is not a Real Teacher and “A Teacher” is definitely not Teachers in General, so: It’s like asking if a Person can be Michael Jordan and a Person can be Michael Jordan, but: How many People can be Michael Jordan? I can think of Two, but: That’s about It…

  5. That answer depends if they are as old as a senator or not.

  6. Artificial intelligence should not be used it's gonna put us all out of a job then what.

  7. ChatGPT suffers from multiple limitations. OpenAI acknowledged that ChatGPT "sometimes writes plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical answers". This behavior is common to large language models and is called artificial intelligence hallucination. The reward model of ChatGPT, designed around human oversight, can be over-optimized and thus hinder performance, otherwise known as Goodhart's law.

  8. And that exactly what they will do! Claim it was their own. It's about character, learning and cheating NOT about learning new technologies. Students who do claim it was their own are only cheating themselves out of learning.

  9. Teach the students how to use Artificial intelligence. It's a tool. Cheating is when you claim the product of AI as your own.

  10. There's always a loophole. There just gonna look at it and reconfigure some it in layman's terms

  11. If they're alert, yes. Everyone has a distinct writing style – an AI can't be tailored to match the way you normally write. So, sure, you'll notice when someone's words are different to their usual 'voice'.

  12. Teachers will be replaced by AI; not students. They will be better at spotting AI too.

  13. How about teachers just learn how to teach. Is stop testing us on memorization.

  14. Lol like teacher care 😂

  15. I don't understand how the teacher tried to detect AI, but if anything, "a little different style" indicates a human writer. No mention of him using any detector tools but glad they mentioned this at the end. This is going to change not only education, but also professional work at all levels.

  16. Teachers are just mad that looking up information is now easy and that there job is quickly becoming a thing of the past if you are interested or questioning something you have the globe at your finger tips no need to for old school research there is nothing worng with something that actually answers your question

  17. Without even seeing it yet, one look at the guy tells me he'll miss most of them.

  18. It's pretty obvious when someone turns in something far beyond their normal level of work. Phones should not be allowed in classrooms, they should be put in a box when student enters and then given back after class.

  19. These days I'd guess that a teacher would be gratified to see their students use any kind of intelligence.

  20. Probably about as well as they can spot them using Cliff Notes, Wikipedia, or copying Little Timmy's homework

  21. And we are in the infancy. Sad

  22. That teacher was wrong on em all 😂😂😂😂

  23. Oh the Chinese could use AI to start a war using misinformation.. and you are worried about kids cheating on their essays… yeah thats a good use of time..