Saturday , August 8 2020
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Can Congress pass USMCA while pursuing impeachment?

FOX Business’ David Asman and Jackie DeAngelis, former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf, former investment banker Carol Roth and Capitalist Pig hedge fund founder Jonathan Hoenig discuss the deadlock in Congress to approve and pass USMCA.

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  1. The "animated" guy is an idiot. It's not a trade war. We are just taking back some of what we were giving away for nothing…

  2. It has become obvious that the Democrats are under the impression they've been elected to wreck the business of government. To give them their due, they're trying hard to do so.

  3. Democrats, the nasty party for nasty people.

  4. NOTHING GOOD – for America – will be Passed by Congress – Dems & rinos.

  5. Is USMCA a treaty? The Constitution says that only Senate support is needed for treaties.

  6. I dont want Congress, to do anything for me,or my country,except get the hell out of it,all the way down to their staff members.all of them,get out,youre fired,dont come back.stupid pos's
    They will poison pill everything.come 2020,we're gonna poison pill THEM

  7. Fk the congress of these united states.they care NOTHING about the country,or us.they suck,they should be recalled,and dismissed

  8. Someone wanna leave backdoor for PRC products.

  9. Impeach democrats..
    Remove from office..

  10. They don’t care up the American people they care on;y about their own power social engineering and enriching their own families at everyone else’s expense
    throw them all out in 2020 or watch your cities turn into Schiff piles like SF and LA under their policies

  11. How many bills died in Moscow Mitch's graveyard?
    And a vote on gun control while a mass shootings in a school. Republicans held that back.

  12. 'Workers Rights,' in Mexico, to be determined by American Labor Laws.
    As grotesque as the concept is in and of itself, the political overreach,
    is, in legislating the Labor Laws of a Foreign Country …. Mexico is not
    within the jurisdiction of the United States. It is meddling in the affairs
    of another country. Obviously these Democrat psychos have never
    heard of the purchasing power of money, AND WHY THE US DOLLAR

    In the same breathe that Democrats say President cannot meddle in
    the affairs of other countries, here are the Democrats, dictating how
    much Mexico has to pay its workers. THAT IS RICH!!

  13. These pepole are not worth 30 cents a day.

  14. They are getting paid for nothing why do we need them tell us please is it their intellect

  15. Canada hasn't ratified the USMCA either.

  16. If House passed USMCA it would go to the front of the line in the Senate. The House needs to get back to doing their job.

  17. I'd like to hear a debate about USMCA. Sounds like a lot of regulation. And does those regulations really help the average American?

  18. This is why I donate to the Trump campaign every month. I wonder where else my donations would be well spent to help ensure that we bring an end to the cancer of radical ideologies.

  19. UsMca Democrat. Hold my job keep focus and hatred the President. The trade deal csn help poor American back to work see you in 2020

  20. Get Nancy out!!!!!!! Congress needs to work for us the tax payers!

  21. Better question will MoscowMitch let it be voted on

  22. That witch pelosi must stand down. So corrupt. Bribery! Delaying progress.

  23. since Mexico isn't really helping us at the border holding off on the usmca Trade Agreement might be a good thing

  24. As an example I want to ask you something astute? Do you pay property tax? If you do, do you own your home, paid off and secured? Now if so Grate, here's were thing get interesting! Now assume you found yourself in a situation because the economy collapsed, and you had to grow your own food, clean your own water, and live self sustained without money, could you do so without paying that property tax? Now ask yourself this once you find the answer, DO YOU REALY OWN YOUR HOME AND LAND? ARE YOU SECURE IN YOUR HOME, AND EFFECTS? ARE YOU REALY FREE? …. We love our country, but our government, Like a camp fire, has jumped beyond the rock barrier that surrounds it, "the constitution". It has leaped from one place to another and is now consuming the tents, sleeping bags and cabins. The forest "our country" is about to be set ablaze, all because we didn't have the initiative to stamp out the fire before it grew too big to deal with. Our last hope is the fire extinguisher "the 2nd amendment", but the fire is licking at it and its starting to get hot.


  26. Congress won't pass anything other than impeachment. That's the only thing they have been working on for 3 years. It's obvious that Communism has rooted itself in our Gov't, and even worse, our School System

  27. "Dim's" Have no incentive to do ANYTHING. People that voted them in does not matter to them. They only have plans to enrich themselves and to re lose an election that they lost in 16… The House has been a "Lame Duck" since the dim's took a majority. This is what I see.

  28. 468 bills passed the house last year and but only 1 this year.

  29. Roberts right. This whole mess is hurting America, hurting her citizens. Frankly, I don't like many of the issues that the Democrats are trying to push through. Democrats don't seem to understand the majority of US citizens disagree with their policies.

  30. I don't know about walking and chewing gum, but it looks like one member can't fart and talk at the same time?.

  31. I support USMCA since it is good for American workers, manufacturers, and farmers. Many associates of this listed group will also rise. The Demo-rats do not want to do it. They should focus on this issue and pass it to make up for many of the errors they have caused.

  32. Pelosi and her mob are opposing everything thats gonna benefit our country, her impeachment sham must stop. MAGA Trump 2020.

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