Monday , January 25 2021
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Can Disney Plus overtake Netflix by 2024?

Jeff Sica of Circle Squared Alternative Investments argues Disney+ will overtake Netflix in the coming years.

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  1. Netflix needs to keep good shows going, sci-fi is currently king

  2. HULU's smart TV interface stinks.

  3. If disney continues to make woke garbage then they might as well run that 17billion dollars through a shredder

  4. Of ALL THE THINGS YOU COULD REPORT ON YOU CHOSE DISNEY?? I HAVE WATCHED FOX EVERYDAY MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY ACROSS MULTIPLE PLATFORMS FOR YEARS until this election. I truly thought y’all were on the team of the American People but the election showed us your true colors. I am now unsubscribed to both Fox Business and Fox News.

  5. oh yeah. netflix already becoming blockbuster

  6. The fact that Disney is sticking to theater only movies. Will be their downfall. If Disney Plus offered these new movies only on their platform. They might have a chance to surpass Netflix. Other then that there is no other reason for people to stop using Netflix.

  7. Disney Plus doesnt have its own Stock. so it sux

  8. Would it that be funny big mouth on the Disney channel

  9. Disney won't be able to overtake Netflix. It's not even original releases: they're just recycling their classic characters over and over again!

  10. Disney doesn’t make anything worth watching if not kid related though. Netflix makes actual original content


  12. Disney is slime pedophile network

  13. If Disney listens to the Star Wars fans……keeping things original. Then yeah…they will take over.

  14. All these subscriptions will be like cable 2.0. All will end up paying a lot of $$ to watch tv.

  15. Disney I uses it and left it because I didn’t
    Iike it this year,so Netflix is going to be number 1 for a long time.

  16. Disney has nothing that I want. NEXT!

  17. I wonder who owns these Companies is there a pattern.

  18. Both evil they need to go away

  19. If I had a choice I'd cut my grandkids off of Disney. They are nothing but an indoctrination machine.

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