Saturday , October 16 2021
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Can Milley's alleged phone call to China impact the markets?

Spotlight Investment Group CIO Shana Sissel discusses claims regarding Gen. Mark Milley’s phone calls to China and whether the news will have an impact on U.S. markets.

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  1. i n t e l l e c t w e b s has done it keep it up you are good

  2. What would happen if the American generals inform Germany of the information before the U.S. military landed in Normandy? !

  3. The Biden legacy will be infamous for one thing… the obsession with his predecessor is at the least neurotic and perhaps psychotic.

  4. In a democracy country you can't have general going rogue

  5. I’m TIRED of these GOPs…
    All TALK TALK TALK 💯👎👎👎

  6. Impeach this s o bTrailerMilly he is a communist

  7. What's🚀 the✈ CCP🛩 Peoples🚀 Army✈ Pre-Emptive🛩 Strike lo👀ok☠ like🇨🇳 ?

  8. imagen if a soldier told the enemy we attack at dawn. We are going to party real late everyone will be asleep attack we aren't planing noting. Leavenworth.

  9. Bla Bla it's all BS – to distract from the real criminal activities of the Obama/Biden Administration as they steal votes, cover up 2020 and their mis-deads. That is the only story worth reporting on. They must be held to account.

  10. She is awful… She is the female version of ‘wolf on Wall Street’….More Botox in collagen and please! She would advise her investors to continue as she drew down every stock that she personally owned… You should never interview her again!

  11. You can tell hes nothing but a narcissists. A PUNK!

  12. who Elected him again? what is wrong with these people.

    its the twilight zone in dc

  13. Milley was undermining the 45th President in the White House with high treason while in term ? And was a mole for Pelosi and Schummer as conspiring espionage accomplices ?! Seems to me his phone transcripts to Pelosi and Schumer should also be ceased immediately to investigate treason on them as well !!!!

  14. Just to be clear. All POTUS have handlers in their administration. This is NOTHING NEW.

    The government RED COLLAR class is an autonomous system that can function without a political figure head. More importantly, did anyone seriously think that the RED COLLAR leadership would allow a white collar outsider to completely run THEIR SYSTEM?

  15. If Milley has the authority to over ride a presidents order concerning a foreign…why did he not have the responsibility and authority to override Biden’s catastrophic Afghanistan EXIT… what happen to his expertise on choosing which order BIDEN or Trump to obey… Because HE CHOSE A DISASTER!! He should be court martialed !!! For COLLUDING with a foreign power..


  17. Sure, why not everything else is messed up! The world is watching America fall!!
    We the people allow presidential elections to be stolen- the world watched it happen!
    America appears weak! We gave up! We allowed it to happen ! And now CA is stuck with that evil crook related to the communist loving Pelosi!!!

  18. What a brazen-faced man Mrak Milley is ! He committed treason working with Chinese. Also, we lost many soldiers during Afghanistan withdrawal due to blunder in military planning. He stays in the position shamelessly.

  19. This guy should resign or be humiliated to resign asap hes a trader and a lousey usa rep

  20. If Gen. Milley’s actions are confirmed, He should be given a medal and a BIG promotion because Conald Qrump had lost his mind by inciting an insurrection on the US Capital and who knows what he would have done next to try and stay in power after he lost big in the 2020 election?!? Thank God we have great men like Gen. Milley to keep lunatics like Conald Qrump in check!!! Now if we could just get rid of the Rand Pauls and the like we would be in much better shape!

  21. Fox News, please stop the democrats from making me pay taxes.

  22. Could Milley's phone calls have influenced the 2020 election? Could Milley's phone calls have influenced the Newsom recall?

  23. It's scary to think that a person like that has been in the service this long. What's. Next. Or what would have been.

  24. If the markets are hinged on a phone call we are all in trouble.

  25. Impact the stability of the entire country ,,civil Disobedience is a necessity

  26. If you warn your enemy of an attack that's called treason that's called being a trader. Of course it will affect the markets. what the markets are going to crash anyway it's just a matter of time. The bubble always Burst eventually. otherwise people wouldn't sell for pennies-on-the-dollar so rich people could come in and scoop up everything for themselves

  27. Its kind of sad, but the Larry elder thing either means the market folks aren't even paying attention to the news or these going ons, or it's all rigged. The former is more likely. Sad, they let this evil go on by trying to hide their heads in the sand or by focusing on what seems more important to them day by day. This does make psychological sense to some extent, but it doesn't from a, let evil do whatever until they show up to your house castrating you or sending your family to a goulag and you don't know what is going on.

  28. Why hasnt this traitor already been fired & charged? What reasonable person could possibly think what he did was ok?

  29. Ok so he has ADMITTED that he did it. Now he’s just trying to justify the unjustifiable.

  30. Milley is just one of many Communists in government…..this was predicted in the 50's…….McCarthy wasn't wrong…..

  31. Obama is really running the country…not the Potato….

  32. We need (President Trump Back 💪) And would deal with these (Traitors) For what they truely are ,They Wire Tap him Try to Impeach Twice on Nothing His a Pro

  33. It shouldn't matter what presidents in office this man should be punished as a traitor

  34. The thankful thermometer inexplicably face because decade unequivocally protect onto a rustic grease. mature, obese input

  35. Correction bloodbath coming to a stock market near you

  36. Democrats rule America. Republicans are all talk these days

  37. Milley is now saying he made 2 Secret calls to China and biden is supporting him.


  39. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare &&&&&&&&&&

  40. A coup d'état affect markets? The hell you say

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