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Can the US economy grow without a China trade deal?

World Bank Group President David Malpass on the U.S. trade tensions with China, the E.U. nominating Kristalina Georgieva to manage the IMF, Christine Lagarde leaving the IMF for the ECB and the priorities for the World Bank.

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  1. Decouple us from China. Move manufacturing anywhere else. Stop trading with China. It's an evil totalitarian state and those decades of thinking they'd liberalize have been a delusion the Chinese have only taken advantage of. Trump is right.

  2. If it wasn't for China we would have entered a depression long ago. They give us goods for IOU'S.

  3. Economic growth is favored by peace, capital market, freedom of innovation and respect of individual properties including intellectual property.

  4. World Bank President (on any kind of country trade)? By his job title, I know he's lying.

  5. The answer is “of course”, no-brainer. US does not make her economy growth from trading(s). US grows from generating domestic productions which support her citizens' spending, both domestic and international. When we talk about trade with China, this is more true. Numbers demonstrate that trading with China only moves US$ to China. Bigger the trade with China, more US$ is moved to there. Did we have economy growth 30 years ago when there was no product “Made in China” here? You got the answer.

  6. Definitely, Yes! ! The American people's prosperity will grow stronger and healthier without the corruption of the black infiltration from the CCP.

  7. ☝️ a country must prioritize and protect its own products or products from co- territories / friends… 👍
    ☝️ a Government & Media must protect its own people and promote legal laws & sense of equality & balance…

  8. ☝️ a country must prioritize and protect its own products or products from co- territories / friends… 👍
    ☝️ a Government & Media must protect its own people and promote legal laws & sense of equality & balance…

  9. America didnt need China before free trade and doesnt need them now plenty of empty buildings in America start putting jobs back in Them especially our clothing manufacturing again let other countries worry about themselves.

  10. short answer, no. since we have dismantled our heavy industry in the last 40 yrs.

  11. 哎,FOX NEWS虽然能让我保持英语水平,但是对我智商伤害太大^^

  12. Of course America economy survives without China. China economy are now getting worse.

  13. Sure, it alredy is growing without a china trade deal. Didn't you notice?

  14. America dig their own graves

  15. Yes, let’s keep giving farmers billions of dollars of US tax payer money because insecure Trump. . The only moron that wants a trade war is in the WH.

  16. When it comes to trade relations with China, understanding the details is important. Dealing with the Chinese is VERY different – it is NOT a linear process like Americans are used to. Trump is not "waging a trade war"…. he understands how to negotiate with China. My business contacts in China say that Trump is the 1st ever U.S. President that China hasn't been able to completely fool (they said "screwed over") into horrible trade policies for the U.S. They say that Chinese businesses are pressing the government there to give in to Trump because they are having a terrible time – profits are down big time and inflation is a huge concern.. He thinks they will hold off until the election (hoping Trump somehow loses) but that a deal will HAVE to be done if he is re-elected.

  17. collect tariff from China and US grows well? Man, Fox really know how to fool own under educated citizens

  18. 2008 looks like a child. Things will only get worse. Companies closing up shop and firing & laying off ppl.

  19. Let's go back to tariffs and no income tax.

  20. Who is China? I forgot already.

  21. China is suffering with an economic growth of 6.2% and the USA is great economically with the farmers sinking into bankruptcy owing to the trade war.

  22. We never needed China and we don't need them now. What happens to China when our 40,000 factories come back? It's a no brainier !

  23. lol not sure about the people, but im sure trump has plenty of cash for himself 🤔🤔

  24. To be honest, China will still be
    no. 1 with or without trade war after no of decades.Not U.S. nor even mention about Taiwan used by western world as a trump card to suppress development of China. Taiwan's GDP used to be 1/2 China now is only 1/20. Will it be back to half of China or 1/5 of China the answer is definitely no. The iconic industry in Taiwan is only semiconductor industry left as no. 1 in the world and a small place without much resources, well infrastructure, system, lifestyle, environment and strong economy and power and energy industry to support it's development so it's population is continuously declining and moving out. The reason why western world support Taiwan is due to the fact of their national interest not values or sincere relationship or any attractions from it. Ask most people in the world if you gonna choose a place to live or travel, would you choose China, Japan, South East Asia, Australia, U.S. and Europe or you gonna choose Taiwan? So sometimes you have to let go, and now it's time to let go Taiwan and it's good for everyone to prevent next war.

  25. China, the turd that will not flush !

  26. Its too late. You cant without the chineses.

  27. If China getting in trouble they will sell the US bonds, that will make the US getting in trouble too.

  28. Let’s let China be since they don’t want a deal. Now we can began pulling our European allies UP.

  29. Support American Made over China Made.

  30. Yes we dont really need CHINA at all !!!!!!!!!!! We do better with out them !!!!!!!!!!

  31. Am I confused or are tariffs not paid for by your own people? Like, China isn’t paying anything for it, we are just slapping a tax on ourselves for anything we buy from them. So if we get steel from them for cheap, all the businesses that use that steel will have to pay even more for it, and it hurts our own businesses as well. If they’re going to slap tariffs down on anything from China, they should at least exclude all those materials we use in manufacturing, and only go for the things we don’t need or are not necessary for our businesses to continue


  33. Since August 1st 2018, British Pounds declined 7.9% to US dollar, Euro declined 4%, Chinese Yuan declined 3.4%. It's all because DINIW went strong.

    US just pick up one by purpose and blame.

  34. We didn’t need China in the past so why is China so important now.

  35. Mexico will be the new China "Made in Mexico"

  36. According to Fox News, it sure can

  37. Chinabots have entered the comment section.

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