Monday , August 10 2020
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks as more "brownface" pictures emerge (LIVE) | USA TODAY

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks following a yearbook photo that surfaced of him in “brownface” at a 2001 “Arabian Nights” costume party and two other similar incidents came to light.

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  1. Arrgh Mr Privileged has spoken !! Please this guy NEEDS TO BE FLIPPED!! Arrrrgh the past has caught up with he's true self !! This bastard had his time !! Now time to flip him out !! Hypocrite!!!

  2. He looks like a racist, it is what it is

  3. Haha how the righteous have fallen

  4. What about the movie “white chicks “ I want an apology !

  5. Yup. I guess that is why they call it the Great White North. I'm glad I live in Texas. It may be hot but at least we don't have any racists like Trudeau here.

  6. Come on …can we forgive him?Good guy who made a stupid mistake???As a black woman…Bring me TRUMP the real racist in chief!!!!!

  7. Trudeau WHY!!!!!!????????? : (

  8. OMG, it really sad for him and the country as a whole. This is a black eye to the image of the country because this is not only him this is affecting right now but all also Canad's international image. People outside Canada do not imagine Canada in that way at all. I myself as a black person cannot think of Justin Trudeau that way. I find it difficult to put him in that level, I still cannot believe it, at first, I thought this was a prank. Right now, is almost like someone you look up to, some celebrity or sport personally you love so much, then all of sudden there goes that bombshell news about him or her your face, it would just live you with that disappointment and devastation, that is exactly the state I am in right now.
    However, I love Canada. this is a country that has played a positive role in the lives of many people of African descents going back all the way in the days of slavery. This is a country where African slaves who ran away from their slave masters from the South would run up north and escaped to Cannada as became free salves or free people. Not to forget the role Canada played to fighting against the racist apartheid system in South Africa.
    Up to this day, Canada continues to well come Africans in this country even those who are running from Trump's immigration policies from America.
    My hope is. every Canadian would find a place in their heart to forgive him. The young Trudeau of 20 Years ago with those mistakes is different from the current Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of this great country CANADA.


  10. I don't find that it matters if he did that 20-ish years ago. We all do stupid things growing up, and he didn't know he'd be the prime minister.

  11. Wow! Canada's leader speaks two languages! Our US president hasn't yet perfected one!

  12. He's in a bind – when he's not wearing black face, he's attempting to wear straight male face. Time to call him out straight male Canadians

  13. Men have a form of godliness, a vain and false sense of spirituality instead if trusting in the word. So, to help you out I'll offer you a red, blue, and green pill. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 says strong delusion, if it is anything like Isaiah 45:3-7 then you may want to reconsider that you are indeed singing "future" wicked,wicked,wicked , some tune about sleeping with her psycho? Now, the good, phillipians 3:21 Glory fits, a new body. Hebrews 1:4 Jesus is made better than the angels. And we know the story of Sodom and Ghommora with the angels. However, today there is also Matthew 19:9-12 for gays being that are modern advancements like indoor plumbing and detailed hygeine techniques holy Eunuch is suitable and very much in line with transgender healthcare. Now, the appeal to the Antichrist is he doesn't like women, where he has 10 KINGS under him, no queens, except the harlot of Babylon which he will eat as a canabal. Acts 8 describes how Christ will reign forever. I mock those who are considered wise and are often wrong, because they are caught in their folly, not sin, but a wrong answer, and they are bumptious. Strong drink to the wise and heavy hearted proverbs 31:6-7. God rocks womanhood comparable to Queen Rania Isaiah 47:3. Eunuch brook.

  14. I still deeply love you Trudeau cuz u have been nice. Canadian should be proud of u cuz Trump is worse

  15. Canadian media is alleged to have first known about this story years ago. Let that sink in.

  16. Can’t bother sir a lot of people make mistakes in life. It’s okay

  17. What's Brown face? Is that the Canadian equivalent to the blackface scandal

  18. I honestly believe he doesn't really need to apologize because yes he did something stupid but this was before he became a politician

  19. Guy is twisted…He was 29 years old and a teacher…The way its presented is he was a kid…I had to look up the 3 plus times he did it…WOW Mr feminist is just as dirty as he claims all others are…The super rich always lie STRIGHT to your face…I was fooled by him butnever again…

  20. This guy never answer a straight question.

  21. As a black woman, I am shocked!

  22. Andrew Scheer just needs to run a competent campaign.
    That's it and you have a new PM.

  23. Hos whole corrupt empire is crumbling I love it

  24. Listen to him ramble out buzzwords. The woke robot is broken.

  25. Imagine if it was Trump or Mike Pence wearing blackface? Thank God it's always Democrats that get caught

  26. Canada is so racist and I as an American am deeply disturbed . The Canadian ambassador should be summoned to answer for this .

  27. This racist whyte devil needs to step down IMMEDIATELY! Anyone that still supports this whyte devil is racist too! If he wins this next election, we'll know just how racist Canada really is!

  28. He regrets it NOW because his political position is on the line. He hoped no one uncovered his nasty racist behavior when he wore blackface in 2001…IN A MODERN WORLD OF PROGRESSION, yet he lies saying, "I didn't know." No, it's more like he didn't CARE. He deserves no respect AND should be held accountable.

  29. You never see Black People dress in White Face. Why is that?

  30. The Cuban Bastard can't weasel his way out of this one…

  31. Minor earthquake as leftist celebs rush to delete pro Trudeau tweets…

  32. DENOUNCE TRUMP ! And say stop saying racists things !

  33. What a self righteous hypocrite! 😂😂

  34. The MSM would be freaking out a lot harder if it was a conservative who wore blackface for brownface.

  35. it's hilarious that they made him repeat his apology again in french! hahahaha

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