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Candidates Highlight Climate Change In Midwest Campaigns | NBC News Now

NBC News’ political embed Priscilla Thompson reports on the 2020 candidates that are highlighting climate change in their campaign.
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Candidates Highlight Climate Change In Midwest Campaigns | NBC News Now


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  1. These are birth pangs….Jesus is coming very soon!

  2. They do this to phase out human labor for automated computers. They want ninety percent of us to die off.

  3. Michael Man

    Why wasn't he supported in court to show temperatures have increased?

  4. I am so
    Glad to be
    In the northwest of the united states.

  5. Climate change is inevitable, we need engineers, construction companies and their equipment companies, tech ppl, and politicians to work together to adjust and improve our system

  6. Mayor Pete says it’s bad where he lives. Where would that be Pete all you do is travel around spewing 💩. Pete you belong in San Francisco with the other loonies with your horrendous moral values.

  7. What kind of loser who's only guaranteed four years in office would try to charge people money for a 25 year plan?

  8. Leftist are natural born losers

  9. Number one pollutions state ND you'll never win . I am the rooster.

  10. Climate has always changed, often drastically. Its life on planet earth, deal with it.

  11. When will people learn that climate and weather are 2 different things.

  12. That's what you get! lots of tears … They didn't cared!

  13. meanwhile in the news a foreign government is controlling our policies. stop Jewish Supremacy and put an end to dual citizenship for politicians regardless of which country they belong to. stop letting the ADL dictate what is hate speech and let us decide. BDS

  14. Woah, when did Aaron Carter start reporting the news?

  15. How about stop spraying our skies with chemicals and let's see how the climate reacts?

  16. Defeat for leftist Dems at the hands of Repubs and centrist Dems: NASA has reported for years now that Mars, Jupiter, Pluto etc, are and have been warming. AOC says this is proof that humans are causing these planets to warm.

  17. Climate change is caused by our carbon imprint on the earth, living creatures .

  18. The problem for I was not climate change the problem for Iowa is weak and infrastructure it was a weekend Levi which means they didn’t build it and maintain it properly

  19. In the 1960's, National Geographic Magazine printed an article about global warming, saying it was happening.
    They said that of all the places on earth, the Niagara Peninsula would benefit the most from warmer weather.
    That's because we're in between the Great Lakes Erie and Ontario, both moderating influences. If global warming
    is the best here, that means it has affected us the most. Birds don't fly south any more. Insects and frogs are
    disappearing. When it gets warm in the winter, the trees and crops start to grow, and when it freezes they die.

    People used to drive their cars out onto lakes and canals to ice-fish. Not now, no ice, or thin and melting ice.
    The average temperature of the Niagara Peninsula has been warmer than Florida, five of the last seven years.
    There can be no doubt global warming exists. It began with the over-population of Europe burning wood for
    fireplaces, ovens and furnaces. By 1750, there wasn't a tree in England big enough to use for a boat mast.
    The natives of southern Ontario noticed a change in their weather, saying winter used to be one long spring,
    but now there is an unhealthy chill to the air, and the birds weren't singing as much. There is authentic reality.

  20. Talking to a bunch of Iowa farmers about climate change is like talking to a cat about coming inside on a hot summer night.

  21. When you build a city like New Orleans below the level of the water, that's just poor planning. When you buy a building that is being protected by a series of levies. That's taking a risk. When they flood, that's just inevitable.

  22. Trump said last time (June 2017), "The climate change is a hoax and is Chinese tale" and it is just to scary people.

  23. What are all you global warming deniers doing here, this is NBC we are a Liberal Safe Zone, take your Micro aggression somewhere else. Or I'll call the P.C. Police.

  24. its not climate change they cloud seed every where in the us that's were the crazy weather comes from thanks and good luck

  25. This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; (2 Timothy Ch. 3) Wake Up!!

  26. A broken levee has nothing to do with pretending there is some serious climate change. This is bogus news to control the public. All propaganda


  28. Democrats are truly mentally ill

  29. Only climate change is because of Chemtrails and HARP. climate engineering is what is really going on.

  30. Trump 2020 easyyyy win make Democrats cry again hahahahaha

  31. Obamas Buying $15 Million dollar water front Mansion; Socialists AOC and Bernie Oddly Quiet

  32. what happen to your hair lady?

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