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Candidates In Kentucky Gubernatorial Race Talk Trump's Role In Campaign | NBC News

In a tight race for governor, Republican incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin and Democrat Andy Beshear talk about the role President Trump has played in their campaigns.
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Candidates In Kentucky Gubernatorial Race Talk Trump’s Role In Campaign | NBC News


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  1. President Joe Biden 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😇😇😇👍👍👍👍

  2. Donald Trump is a traitor 👿👹🙉🙉🙉👺👺👺👺

  3. Donald Trump is a terrorist 👿👹🙉🙉🙉👺👺

  4. Welcome to socialism and poor governance in Kentucky!

  5. Bevins is the one living under a rock. Drive down your highways & read the Moscow Mitch billboards about how he & Trump sold out Kentucky to a sanctioned Russian company RuSAL and Russian bank. Moscow Mitch & Trump shut down the government last Dec dumping 800,000 Democrat workers (Trump tweeted) as punishment to Democrats. The shutdown was organized so the Grim Reaper (McConnell proudly named himself then) could convene enough Senators to lift the sanctions on those two Russian companies so McConnell and WH Lawyer Don McCahn negotiated the deal with Big Law Jones Day whose clients are the Russians. Trump McConnell had to finish their side of the pay or play deal with Oligarch Oleg Deripaska a Russian partner with Putin and Medevinsky (sp) the Head of the snake of the Russian mafia. The $200,000 million flowing through Kentucky banks is Russian Dirty Money being laundered for clean US government dollars paid out by the government contractor’s deal Trump and Jared Kushner worked on during the shutdown. All very private hidden behind closed doors no transparency Trump is very good at laundering Russian money through his real estate TRUMP TOWERS. The Russians made Trump a deal he couldn’t refuse. Now Moscow Mitch has made another Russian (Laundering deal) he couldn’t refuse the puts hundreds of thousands of dollars in the pockets of the Kentucky Republicans, GOP Freedom Caucus Trump & Moscow Mitch. The Kentucky people caught on pretty fast once the deal was leaked to the press and then McConnell announced it. Congress was blindsided by the announcement and are investigating the deal.
    Ditch Mitch – Dump Trump ❗️

  6. “We don’t appreciate democrats enforcing the law because as republicans we hate getting caught committing crimes. It’s annoying”

    There translated for him

  7. Horray! He won't end up being a highly compromised hipocrite who got into politics hoping to actually do some good and show some integrity but ended up being picked to pieces on the way and having to accept big campaign donations from shadowy buisness organisations and having to surrender key priorities because of entrenched party power brokers!

  8. Democrats tricking dirt poor Kentucky folks outside the local Walmart for votes it just ain’t right👀

  9. If you vote Republican you too can help your state become like Mississippi. The state of Mississippi was named as the third worst state in the United States in 2019 in a list by U.S. News and World Report. "Mississippi is the 'fattest' state in the nation with staggering rates of high blood pressure, inactivity and diabetes." Mississippi was the most overweight state in the nation. Mississippi is ranked the worst or close to worst state of all 50 states when ranked for its poor quality education, health care, economy, and fiscal stability. Mississippi had the nation’s highest cardiovascular death rate in 2017 and the second-highest rate of cancer deaths. Wallet Hub’s analysts found that Mississippi was the most dangerous place to live. Gallup polls found Mississippi had among the highest levels of economic anxiety in the nation. Keep the good people of Mississippi uneducated so they are fooled when it becomes time to vote the bums out of office. Way to go Republican leadership!

  10. Vote MITCH MCCONNELL 2020!!!!!!!!

  11. Mr. Bevin, your attitude towards those who elected you is the reason why today Kentucky has a new governor. You lose, goodbye +

  12. Nevins sounds like a truly unlikeable character


  14. Moscow Mitch is Kentucky fried chicken

  15. Matt bevin's biggest mistake was not undoing the corruption that the Democrats left behind he did not stop it and he did not fix it because it continues today and now guess what it's going to get worse so all of you who say yay you're happy yeah I bet you're not here in the next year because the Democrats will raise all the utilities they'll raise all the rent they'll raise all the taxes cuz you know you got to pay for that free s*** somehow horrible just horrible

  16. all you can kentuckians need to keep this video and put it in his face when he says he's going to do what he's going to do cuz most Democrats lie cuz they like the power to be a politician they like the money they like the party's they like what comes along with it they don't do anything

  17. Bevins sounds like he knows he will loose and he is just interviewing for his next job in the good ole boy network.

  18. What a condescending a****

  19. You got it wrong Mr Bevin…see ya later.

  20. Look at the difference in class between a democrat and a republican. The right always resorts to name calling and insults rather than issues. We are winning people. Don't get lazy. VOTE BLUE.

  21. Just like you got Re-Elected Bevin? Your party thinks Americans are Dumb and fall for your lies, News flash you Lost, Americans Won

  22. Why when they're losing they go back to 2016

  23. Voting democrat=Harm to all real Patriotic Americans. You watch!

  24. Sad the people of Kentucky voted for Baby killers and Illegal aliens today. Very sad day in America. What is wrong with you ky?

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