Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Candidates Pounce On Elizabeth Warren, Go After Trump At Democratic Debate | NBC News

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who largely escaped attack in previous debates, took multiple shots throughout the night from other candidates on stage at the Democratic debate in Ohio.
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Candidates Pounce On Elizabeth Warren, Go After Trump At Democratic Debate | NBC News


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  1. At :18, does Biden say that "President Sanders is the most corrupt president in the history of…." WTF?

  2. What a joke. Bernie is getting all angry and foamy at the mouth. Bernie has no idea what money is. Beto is ridiculous… and… Elizabeth warren is hilarious on Obama and everyone laughed.

    I cant wait to see all of them lose.

  3. Do you remember that Elizabeth Warren was a brunette when she claimed she was Native American?

  4. Government has proven time and time again that its wasteful, corrupt and incapable of managing money. Why should we give you even more? This is insane.


  6. Am I the only one who thinks Biden looks like the Joker?

  7. All they talk about is President Trump. Losers all of them.

  8. What a STOOGE and A SELLAWWT

  9. Where is Hillary? Or Michelle, a no show? Aw to bad.

  10. If you don't like Trump, that is ok. But now give me one name, just one, who would do a better job as president? Just one, but you have to be honest. Other wise it does not count. And I will vote for that person!

  11. 0:19 is the most corrupt president. Not even myself could ever match his corruption stats.

  12. Trump hurt our feelings, so we deserve to become president. What a fuckn circus!

  13. BERNIE SANDERS all the way
    BERNIE SANDERS all the way
    BERNIE SANDERS all the way

  14. Corporate news distracting from issues important to most Americans and covering up corruption in Washington. Candidates with no regard for human life, corporate profits before people. NBC News, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  15. so KUNTMALIA HARRIS believes Trump should be BANNED from twitter b/c she doesn't like his content…she doesn't believes he deserves his 1st amendment rights….THE PRESIDENT…so what kind of President do you LIBERAL/DEMOCRATS think SHE will be? She's more communist than Putin and CHINA combined….but Trump is the problem? REALLY

  16. OMG BERNIEEEEE i busted out laughing when he said to Biden yeah you got disastrous iraq war DONE ! Im done!

  17. My self picture is from Tel Aviv…. Look closely at it.

  18. Mr Trump has been a sinner. Humanity requires his epiphany.

  19. Our culture is built around multi national commerce, a wealth tax explodes some fragile currencies. Ex presidents marinate foundations, libraries, design, and risk.

  20. Am I missing anyone, I apologize…but that person plans Mr. Robert's generous, careful and polite retirement.

  21. Beto and Billionaire are like Jeff Flake. Negotiators

  22. Congresswoman from Hawaii. We see her able to remove our beloved Nancy.

  23. Booker and Castro..presidential… Definitely.

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