Friday , November 27 2020
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Capitalism as we know it is dead: Salesforce co-CEO

Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff discusses global economics, trade, big tech regulations, and California homelessness.

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  1. The system we have now is not capitalism. Because government (local and federal) is taking 40% of our income and spends it. We have no margin to save money because government takes 40% of our income. And if we cannot save money, then we have no capital. Because capital comes from savings. The system we have now is spending-ism, which is the opposite of capitalism.

  2. The One World Order is EVIL. tHIS MAN'S IDEOLOGY is EVIL.

  3. This guy is who we are talking about when we talk about the globalist elite

  4. What a tratiorous piece of sh**!

  5. He's a Marxist like all the prominent Democrats and I'm sure his experience and knowledge is very blinkered . Trouble is that money is all going to and through the internet , Europe's high streets are now being filled with charity shops .

  6. so, is mark ok with being at a tax rate of 97%? sounds like it!

  7. Free markets work. When globalist think tanks control and manipulate the markets we don't have anything but tyranny.

  8. The guy makes money, and he wants the people too make more money not just the ceos and shareholders🤔 sounds good too me and i don't know 👉💩

  9. Benoff…"Stake holders are as important as share holders" That is only true under socialism. Capitalism rewards the risk of shareholder's money, unless of course under socialism where the government controls the means of production and then we are all shareholders and there is no difference between "stake holders" (whatever that means) and shareholders.

  10. This is the future of business

  11. Salesforce will go the way of wework.

  12. Europe is a basket case, caused by the globalist banks. They are the cause of all the problems.

  13. Malaysians are smarter, have happier and healthier lives and live longer than Europeans thanks to Free Markets and Competition. Malaysia is Competitive while Europe isn’t.

  14. Marc is an absolute fool. Socialist countries are all failures. What a brainless tool.

  15. A City Slicker looking for a paycheck-as always using the poor and needy. He is looking to get his hands on how our government makes laws and policy as a FORCE over the individual people. RUN, DONT WALK. The minute he said what the government should be doing-you need to be alarmed. WE NEED GRASS ROOTS MOVEMENTS FOR OUR GOVERNMENT IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE PEOPLES DECISIONS ON HOW THEY WANT THEIR MONEY AND TOWNS RUN. That man should only get one freaking vote, not the vote and persuasion of HIS ENTIRE COMPANY!!!!! Wake up people!!!!! This is the new government control of us. While they control the direction of our tax payer money….ultimately to benefit what they want to do.

  16. I take a dump on his stock and his job. Socialist idiot…

  17. In order to get every last drop of profit from consumerism they want to spy on everything we do, 24/7. Now going over the pond to include all the Europeans as well. Seriously, you have to worry we they start talking 360 identification.

  18. Facebook is the new cigarettes? No different than guys playing video games all day or people watching tv all day.

  19. He didn't even let her finish.

  20. This crooked commie could hardly keep a straight face when saying "we all want a society based on truth…"

  21. Next time, interview someone who's not 2 years PLUS behind on his information.  Doesn't help that he's co-ceo of a dying company.

    One last dig…. Dude, the mullet went out in the 80s.

  22. nearly every right wingler YouTube comment reads like it was written by a serial killer.

  23. A.I will take this Boneheads Job, he kind of acts like a robot anyway !

  24. …competitive in "all industries" ??? I don't see any low-cost PCB factories here in Seattle. No, they're ALL in Shenzhen, China. This guy is talking out of the side of his mouth.

  25. Don’t forget to disable the evil button when implementing drones and AI.

  26. But is any of this good for the people.

  27. What you speak of is NOT capitalism! It's called socialism! 🤮

  28. He makes good points and the success to back it up. Good luck to him🤓

  29. Go ahead, but do it on your dime, not mine.

  30. AI and ubiquitous 5G……..It's for the children!

  31. What he's talking about is international corporations becoming the default governors of nations. It's globalism which eliminates any need to vote for anyone. Everyone will be captive. They can do anything in this position. It looks like a version of "1984" to me.

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