Friday , January 21 2022
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Capitalism is being attacked by 2020 Dems: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney on executives at the business roundtable calling on companies to be more aware of social issues.

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  1. Is this dumbass motherfucker serious? How do people this dumb have jobs?

  2. Shareholders "Earn" no money; they simply steal it, parasitically, from the Wealth Creators – the workers.

  3. Im not surprised, Its not like fox Isn't the mouthpiece of Cuntservatard shareholders and Billionaires. You're just a propaganda pundit for them, its why you spent this whole episode throwing real Americans under the bus wile polishing Billionaire shareholder pole. PEOPLE OVER PROFIT will be the law! Bernie 2020

  4. Just another leach asking for our politicians to protect their own interests. Disgusting….

  5. Stuart Varney is greedy corporate stooge who just wants to divide the rich and poor.

  6. do you actually, believe such rubbish ?? ……. they got where thet aew for a reason !!

  7. Spot on Stuart Barney! Hope they're listening and paying attention!

  8. Good. Capitalism’s been attacking the common sense, decency, and human rights for a few hundred years.


    ARE NOT EVEN 5 %






  10. Democrats suck it up laughing out loud bye rice burners wow

  11. Trump is the best president we have had in a long time he wants to build upband



  12. You haven't the slightest modicum of understanding of how economic systems work, and how businesses do well. Fox "so-called" Business news my rectum.

  13. I noticed all these people bad mouthing big business are filthy Rich!!

  14. theres 2 kind of person among the democrats. naive fools, and those who abuse them.

  15. Capitalism, what kind of sick joke are you trying to feed us, real capitalism does not include bailing out the banks and private corporations. Here is a little bit of info. for you, you cannot taper a ponzi scheme. Its all just a big fat lie, the whole system is screwed and these sick bastards, psychopaths, paedophiles, demons, whatever the hell they are have nothing in common with humanity.

  16. Mind your business and it's census.
    Dem 2020 capital shareholders of their stocks and flocks.

  17. The peasants are very angry and ready for a revolt.

  18. 1% of greedy rich are offended?!!
    You do realize the party is not endless!

  19. This crazy b** is going to run this country into the ground yet brainwashed Minnesotans gathered by the hundreds to her rally! Shes going to force us to pay for everyone's college education. The Communist Criminal Democrats are LUNATICS! As if this is bad enough, the Democrat chairman PEREZ is Fundraising in MEXICO with no one monitoring that sh**!! Its illegal but who cares right? Every Patriot needs to inform DOJ and go undercover to these fundraisers to get the TRUTH

  20. Yet their fundraising for campaigns !🤔😉

  21. "Trump compensates farmers for trade war losses" – the definition of socialism.
    Oh yes, and of course 50% of the money went to the top 10% farming corporations – Donnie at his finest.

  22. George Soros Open Society puppets following Georgie boy orders.

  23. Why does corporate America keep donating to the Dems if the Dems want to raise their taxes and socialize them to fund the lazy people.

  24. Make a financial donation to Trump 2020!

  25. They need to embark on a re-connect with reality field trip to Venezuela. Capitalism is the success story that rules the world while socialism is an abysmal failure. Only stupid or clueless people vote for the democrats.

  26. DemocRATS suck so hard. People will simply stop investing in anti capitalism companies. Simple.

  27. All we can do is vote for President Trump to get re-elected!! It's not a threat, it's a fact that if we elect a Democrat, America, as we know it, will vanish. Please vote for Trump in 2020, it's that dire.

    TRUMP 2020!

  29. Most of my neighnors are from socialistic nations. They defend capitalism not socialism. They say socialism is really really bad. Thats why they are here. . FREEDOM IS HOPE! I see that hope in their eyes.
    God Bless America!

  30. I agree with your last line, Varney. But we are witnessing the merger, the marriage of global government with global corporations. Each is incorporating the other. That was defined as fascism a long time ago. The Democrats are pushing something new. It is global corporate fascism. China is the model for the globe.

  31. I just love Stuart. He tells it like it is.

  32. They aren't wrong. Businesses use predatory capitalism, which isn't the same capitalism you claim to be defending.

  33. This nation doesn't have time to worry about how Sensitive their 🐀 following is. They're on the move to recreate the US, to a puss hat following, to make this nation a socialist country. They're so Ignorant…they have no idea what the world of Socialism is, except for FREE everything, until people end up dying in an Emergency room, then whining because they aren't being served fast enough. They say that ignorance is a bliss, but they are the epitome of ignorance!

  34. Varney is a liar and a dangerous hyper partisan right wing hack and millionaire, who thinks you are a sucker and is only defending his refusal to pay his fair share of taxes. There are no 2020 Democrats attacking capitalism. Varney doesn’t care that our nation’s infrastructure is crumbling and that we are falling behind in the world because millionaires like him refuse to pay their fair share. They want to hoard wealth while millions of Americans who actually build the country and defend it in its wars struggle to make ends meet.

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