Thursday , September 16 2021
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Capitol Police arrest suspected white supremacist

Police say they arrested a suspected white supremacist near the Democratic National Committee headquarters. Officials say they found weapons inside a pickup truck plastered with racist symbols.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. They forgot to mention he had a Elder for Governor sticker on his rear bumper next to his Khovid K. Khovidian for President sticker.

  2. (Sar) Gee look at what a great job ABC does when reporting the news. You can see how well they report 'only' the facts, with no personal opinions mixed in. * * Lies, lies, lies, but that's what they get paid for.

  3. He was a homeless schizophrenic…so who is the FBI agent that gave him the truck and put him up to this?

  4. Can't blame Trump anymore so let's start blaming everything on white supremacists🙄

  5. Is every white guy who's tired of the bullshit a supremacist?

  6. Everybody knows that the Democrats put this truck there

  7. What?!?!?!?!……no empty packs of Marlboro lights?

  8. press X to doubt

    also forget the machete, let's talk about that joint in the tube. Indica or sativa?

  9. How are you a suspected white supremacist WTF

  10. What a joke. MSM and the left has now become an episode of South Park 😂

  11. Republicans today call every election they lose unfair. They are the most shameful and pathetic group of useless fat laborers the world has ever seen.

  12. The black "mayor" of Chicago PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED THAT CAUCASIAN REPORTERS WERE BANNED FROM HER SPEECHES!!!! When will they be arresting that BLACK SUPREMACIST????

  13. He must be a "RACIST" because he had a American flag where the tag is supposed to be. Next thing you know people who don't like China running the USA will show up.

  14. Why ain't the white cops In fear for their lives when the encounter a white man that is armed.

  15. Shouldn't we put a fence up at the border.

  16. Well hopefully this time the security forces will have live ammo with MAGAt written on the side just like Patriotic soldiers did with bombs in WWII that they delivered to D'rumpf's predecessor Adolf.

  17. Maybe they can arrest all the other people who hate other people too

  18. ABC is no different than CNN or MSNBC. Remember that.

  19. Haha bullshit story used to further agenda

  20. Was it the black man from South Central that's running for governor of California against the rich white privilegedleged guy?

  21. Soooooo what did the guy do again? I mean he isn't very well welcomed, but uhhhhh. was it weapons charge or what? What kind of half assed reporting is this?

  22. Biden is the biggest white supremacist, did you notice how he ignored the African American little girl when he was signing his dictator executive orders? Piglosi had to tell him to give one to the little girl, TRUMP WOULD NEVER DO THAT

  23. They put a fence around the white house to protect them, but won't do it to protect our border?

  24. and heres another thing..the symbol on that steerin wheel is wiccan, not satanic,and i ask anyone to tell me , is there any such thing as a racist wiccan?

  25. Donald Craighead??
    Even the name sounds fake.
    How much did they pay you?

  26. He must be one of those new based faucci hunters.

  27. Right on time, cue the UFO's if this doesn't work.😂

  28. The media is SO DESPERATE for this narrative to be true they look for these stories like gold nuggets😂

  29. The mainstream media are a bunch of "Craigheads"…

  30. Man we catching all these white supremacist! Including Larry Elder. SMH. If you don't agree with the system they hang you out to dry. You'd think the first Black Governor of CA would be something special. No because he's Republican.

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