Tuesday , March 9 2021
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Capitol Rioters Wanted To Capture, kill Lawmakers, Prosecutors Say | NBC News NOW

NBC News Tom Winter reports on a case filed in Arizona that states there is “strong evidence” showing rioters intended to capture and kill lawmakers. Justice Department officials saying they have yet to see direct evidence of that intent.
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Capitol Rioters Wanted To Capture, kill Lawmakers, Prosecutors Say | NBC News NOW


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  1. According to Trump DOJ guy Sherwin there were no such plans. They were all just 'trespassers'

  2. CARES ACT. QE on steroids. Laundered through Trump.

  3. It was pretty awesome when capital policeman shot dumb rioter through the door!! I was proud of him for doing his job,and my condolences go out to officers hurt during rediculous embarrassing moment in history

  4. Trump and his Trumpanzees already know this election was not rigged. They're just hoping that if they continue crying and complaining, somebody will give-in and say "Okay, Trump can remain the President." Here's the heartbreaking truth folks: That's Not Going To Happen!

  5. Plan for worst case scenario against Trump. Trump want to Nuke North Korean like Trump want to Nuke Hurricane. North Korea want no nuclear weapon in exchange for no sanction. Trump want no nuclear weapon and continue sanction. North Korea now have better nuclear weapon. Trump just failed and unable to do it, if not it will happen already. If Hitler did not commit suicide, is life time imprisonment sufficient punishment for Hitler?

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  7. Like Steve Schmidt says and countless others like Bob Woodward and Robert Reich He's the worst president to ever step foot on Earth who caused the Worst Health Economic Housing Homeless and World Crisis in Modern History and Wrecked are Country from the inside out and caused a New Modern Day Genocide of are people and killed more Americans than Hitler did the whole WW2 and got the whole USA Banned From The Entire World in only a half year and changed are way of life forever and pushed are Country back to Great Depression Levels haven't seen in 120 years and are medical care and resources pushed back to the breaking point and now to add to the list of atrocities Bribing A Georgia Official to over throw the election like the pathetic 74 year old child he truly is he's always been blaming everybody else but Himself for being the biggest Failure in United States History and continues to lie and downplay everything incite deadly terrorist riots and come up with most bogus conspiracies this world has ever heard in are Lifetimes unfortunately in this sad day in age we live in now where nothing is certain anymore

  8. That group with the Viking,, Ive seen them types before in Afghanistan. The only difference is their attire.. American Taliban.>>> Proof a barbaric state of mind, Anger as excuse to live out Aggression as Justified. traits of the KKK ( First documented Terrorist NETWORK) Now, look at that picture of them and label as is.

  9. Awww. Look at my son. I'm so proud!

  10. Very sad that the most popular president in history that got elected needs 30000 armed military hmm keep vetting brainwashed people trump won by a landslide they are putting us against each other were talking about halph the population folks that are at odds with each other sound familiar read history if it doesn't but this time it's going to cost us our entire country china wins not us wake up Americans

  11. Just to be clear. 2021 will be the Year of the Snitch in the United States. Full Stop.

    Mommas, Grand Mommas, Baby Mommas, Wives, Ex-Wives, Girlfriends, Your Old Lady, Main Squeezes, Ball-N-Chains, Sister Girls, Baby Girls, Side Pieces, Dimes, Partners in Crime, Tens, Twins, Men's, Bros., Brothers by Another Mother, Uncles, Nephews, Dads, Step Dads, Grand Dads, PawPaw, Neighbors, Colleagues, Coworkers, Acquaintances, etc.

  12. So where is all the rioters and traitors at that did this all year why aren't they in jail sounds like hypocracy to me hmm noone should be burning looting murdering tearing down statues lighting fires were are all the arrests all year again when our own senators on the left told them to do that why arent they in jail hmm

  13. Everyone knows who the right wing nut jobs are on your FB page. Turn them in!

  14. Current world conditions that we are living in now can put a lot of anxiety on us and you may wonder if there will ever be a peaceful future. Did you know that the Bible talks about a time when there will be true peace and security? God will use his his government called the kingdom to bring about this future. Daniel 2:44 says: “The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed. And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it alone will stand forever.” When God fulfills this everyone will be happy and there will be no more anxiety. Psalm 37:10,11 says: “Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more. You will look at where they were, and they will not be there. But the meek will possess the earth, and they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.” This hope can help us to keep going despite the challenges in this world. Thanks for reading

  15. America I know likes to feel powerful, and they always have. However, power without honor is a terrible destructive, shameful thing.

  16. So close to many people losing more people. Thanks you capitol and DC police every person there should get 5 year's in prison

  17. Your white privilege will be met with bullets from our fine men and women in the military…So please come and bring a friend….

  18. Pleased read the article: How Trump's creation of an alternate universe endangers the American people.

  19. Let God be true and every man a liar.. Jesus does all things to fulfill the Bible and for his pleasure.. Eternal life with the CREATOR is the free gift.. Thru faith in Christ.

  20. This is the way this ought to be. We need to use the system to punish those who thought they could break the system.

  21. I’m sure if hostages were successfully taken the govt would pay the ransoms and no one would have been hurt.

  22. Well gee wilikers! If they had not been bamboozelled by those hornswagglers the govment would all be dead and poor trump would have no choice but to rule over us indefinately

  23. A recipe for disaster 🌊 the blue👮wave. Red 🆘🔥❗Third World 🌎

  24. The FBI knew these attacks where going to happen yet they let them. I wonder why well we are about to find out.

  25. I hope they Prosecute them to the Fullest extent of the law. The sentencing needs to be heavy and harsh. They need to be made example of so this does not happen again.

  26. Why is all this a surprise to some ?
    Sane, rational people do not go around shirtless wearing horns on their heads !
    Or, vote for TREASONOUS trump — for that matter

  27. The superb piano unpredictably fasten because beach scilly spark within a clever tongue. historical, cold bee

  28. The media lynch mob needs to be held responsible for treason against the American people they have antagonize d far to long Over 100 antifa members seen on video media is silent

  29. Well Trump remains President and Biden and the swamp get military tribunals.

  30. These rioters are not mentally stable to begin with and their relatives probably feel that they could do more damage if they are not found and locked up.

  31. All the rioters look the same!

  32. Stupid and misleading news socialist propaganda nobody listen to them

  33. America cannot let this band they need to prosecute everyone connected to this insurrection treasonous action from the lowly peon who marched up those steps did the Senators and representatives all the way to the president and if found guilty they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law or this is not America

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