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Captain Khawaja forecasts line-up for tour game

Usman Khawaja spoke to the media upon return to his former home away from home – and site of Australia’s next tour match – the Derby County ground


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  1. Khawaja is captain of Australia. What have the globalists done to my country… So sad.

  2. Why is everyone bad mouthing Paine

  3. Mr Ka should be the captain of Australia not Paine who is totally useless. Just my thought.

  4. People who talk of sacking the captain should think of batting performance of top 3 of Australian team – Bancroft, Harris, Warner, Khwaja
    Also Wade and Head never performed up to the expectations

  5. I can't understand why Tim Paine is playing in the team 😂

  6. Captain Khawaza my foot ,if Aussies want to win next 2 test please drop this guy and replacing him with Steven Smith at no:3 and Marnus Labuschange at no: 4.

  7. Only real cricket fans know that Usman Khawaja was the captain of under 15 team

  8. If I was Australia the team would be.
    Mitch Marsh
    By the way wade would be keeping Tim Paine is useless

  9. Khawaja is the most selfish batsman thats ever played for Australia. He has no guts, will never perform when needed. Drop him immediately

  10. Good for you, they can't omit you from the team now. Lol
    Good luck kwaja and team.

  11. Well tim pain is a real pain for the team.
    I hope Khawaja will be the best Captain for Australia.
    Go Aussies win the Ashes.

  12. Good luck team Australia and khawaja

  13. Go go aussies win the ashes and don't waste your review

  14. Remember my words starc gonna play next match

  15. I think Head is more deserve to the captain btw,I love Khawaja's batting

  16. Tim paine is really pain for Australia 😏
    Tim paine Out and labushang In

  17. Pls take m strac in the team for 5th and 4th test

  18. Good luck ussie. Don't strain your knee.

  19. Here is my prediction:

    1. march 2020 — tim paine has lost form and will need to be replaced
    2. wade — keeper tests; carey — keeper one-day and T20
    3. steve smith captain tests, finch captain odi and t20.
    4. vc could be Head/Marnus for all formats

  20. Alhamdulillah 💙👉 Usman Khawaja from Bangladesh

  21. Good to see Carey getting a run with the gloves for when they inevitably drop Paine.

  22. Australia have a brightest Captain in the future – Alex Carey

  23. He should be the real captain in the 4th test, Paine's not a captain's bootlace.

  24. Me first you are awesome Aussie cricket

  25. He is short tempered, need to change a bit to play some long innings. Good luck mate .

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