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Car blows past school bus stop sign, nearly hitting child

One survey reported that six children were killed getting on or off the bus over the course of a school year.


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  1. I did this once on accident. I felt so bad after I realized I did it. Luckily I didn't hit anyone, but I realize how easy this mistake is to make.

  2. The school bus driver did not do their job. The door doesn’t open and the child is not released till traffic has stopped. The driver needs to be protecting those children. They are trained for this and this driver failed to follow training and a child could have died. Not excusing the driver for running the stop
    Sign but it happens and that is why they are trained.

  3. Cars should stop but children need to learn to cross the street

  4. Because of dumba$$ people that could careless about children or any human life for that matter, parents need to be more careful with their own children and not just expect the bus drivers or the child themselves to get on and off the bus themselves. Move your a$$ parents and walk your child on and off the bus and don't assume people are going to stop or slow down because of a school bus.

  5. I'm my small town I live right down the street from an elementary school at the 4 way stop I live on I see people speeding and blowing thru the stop sign all the time. We have had kids almost hit the crossing guard has also almost been hit. I also live by a veterans homes and we have also had seniors on their power chairs and scooters almost hit. The way people drive around here is scary

  6. WTF?!??? Why is the car driver not at least being looked up to be cited. Needs to learn a lesson, he/she almost killed a kid !!!!!!!!!!!?

  7. I'm always shocked how.many times I see people disregard the stop sign. Alot of People also like to blow the horn at you when you stop for the stop sign.

  8. People are so damn impatient like what if that was your fucking child

  9. This needs to be a felony in every damn state..

  10. Thank God the mother was outside to stop her daughter from crossing the street

  11. They never seem to face consequences

  12. Cant be this stupid people, I dont got kids but I can only imagine how angry I'd be if a driver almost hit mine.

  13. There’s a whole bunch of retarded fucking assholes out there!

  14. These people need to be taught a lesson who dont respect the law

  15. Drivers can't read English.
    Stop sign

  16. Parents need to be on the SAME side of the street as their child getting off of the bus, RIGHT THERE to grab their hand when their little feet hit the ground….NOT across the street with a video camera!! We as parents lead by example. Although unintentional, kids see a parent with a phone in their face videoing their big 1st day getting off the bus, Safety came 2nd to this recording. Then parents wonder later on why their kids have their faces buried in a screen. We teach them by our actions. Don't blame other drivers breaking the law because that will ALWAYS be a given… We can ONLY control our OWN behavior and no one elses.

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