Thursday , June 4 2020
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CARES Act stimulus check, how much could you receive | USA T ODAY

Congress passed and President Trump signed a $2 trillion stimulus bill that includes checks to taxpayers.
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The latest stimulus package will provide $1,200 checks to many Americans – and more for families – while making available hundreds of billions of dollars for companies to maintain payroll through the crisis. It significantly expands the nation’s unemployment safety net and it directs a huge infusion of cash to states and to hospitals and other medical facilities on the frontline fighting the pandemic.

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  1. What happens if you live overseas and you didn't file last year?

  2. This is wrong as people with social security retirement will get their money through the SSA. I dont pay taxes and the IRS doesn't even have my address correct.

  3. What about social security recipients? They don't have to file income tax and so probably haven't. Would they use the direct deposit info their benefits use?

  4. Yeah but how do you get it? Does it just appear in the account I have tied to my tax direct deposit?

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, this stable genius will become your president again in 2021 ! He is genius enough to hand you the money and most of you will think it is from him, the great savior of America!!

  6. I need it and won't see a dime. THANKS FOR NOTHING! I also appreciate the suspension of my drivers license and fishing license! I'm shocked that I wasn't rounded up and sent to Huan. The really dropped the ball on getting rid of me. Maybe starvation will do the trick. Fingers crossed Washington!

  7. Trump should watch the Democrat corrupt state pocketing the money💥

  8. Do people on SSI and SSDI who don't need to file taxes normally need to file now? That would be useful information.

  9. “Hey everyone, I am stealing Yang’s idea to give every adult in America at least $1k, with conditions of course, and hope that this generosity will help with my approval rating and give me even the slightest chance of improving my chances for re-election since this will be fresh on your minds despite EVERYTHING ELSE I have done.” – Donald Duck Drumpf either realizing he needed to make up for defunding the US pandemic force, or did so just so he could play “savior” in the end…

  10. The question I have with this stimulus is are they going to take it out of our taxes the next year like they did with the stimulus Obama did?

  11. Cool I will use this to buy a bike since my gym closed. 🚴😝

  12. How does it work if you filed “Married -Jointly” and one of you made less than 75k & the other made 88k, but between the two you made less than 150k (75k x2)? I’ve heard that the cap is $150k for two if you filed jointly, but it wasn’t really a reliable source. And, what if you PAID taxes last year but filed Direct Deposit for a refund the year before. IRS has/had our bank info….. Ideas anyone?

  13. We get pennies when irresponsible companies get to be made whole despite lack of saving and prepping for a disaster like this. This is capitalism? When entire industries get bailed out by government over and over?

  14. I just turned 18 the 12th and filed my own taxes. I still live with my parent etc do I still get the money?

  15. USA Today needs to be cancelled!
    When they showed "adults" they only used a picture for a "woman", and disregard men and the other 57 genders!

  16. Hey idiots.. you won't get the check till June.. hahhahaha You fools

  17. The only time I'm happy to have siblings

  18. Won't believe it until I see the money in my account. And what about all of the small businesses around the country? One of my favorite local restaurant/bar chains announced they couldn't even make payroll this last week and are asking their employees to wait to cash any checks until next week. Is that local restaurant/bar chain just supposed to hope that they get a SBA loan or a government grant or something? I don't think the government will be able to truly stop the huge economic fallout from all of these local small businesses shuttering. There are simply too many businesses and too many people being impacted. A recession seems pretty much inevitable (some say we're in one already) and honestly a depression almost seems possible. I mean what do you call it when half the country isn't working?

  19. What if I didn't file taxes those 2 years?

  20. If you pay child support forget about it……even know you pay taxes with child support and then you lose your job for this virus……. we all homan at the end of the day

  21. The acronym should be CAESAR

  22. just enough to cover my cremation.

  23. Get rid of the 2 party dictatorship

  24. The County Market grocery store in Lewistown Illinois just took away the hazard pay of $2 extra a hour because its to much money. How often is this happening and did County Market get to dip into those trillions of dollars to sure themselves up? P.S. Employees are being told very harshly to keep it a secret.


  26. What if you filed for a check on your taxes buh THE IRS still has your information?


  28. Read the bill! This isnt for is people, its for the corporations with a little lip service in the form of checks and unemployment. The other 90% goes to corporations for Minuchion to hand out without much oversight(4+ trillion)
    We were sold out by our Congress, both left and right!

  29. I have a feeling there's gonna be a huge catch to this and the ones who really need it most won't see a penny of help.

  30. Like This So The Coronavirus Can Go Away 🙏

  31. I don't think non united states citizens should receive it tbh

  32. Nada. Whilst the entire country just got NATIONALIZED WTF

  33. Think about how many homes they could have paid off for the American people or think about how much money they could have given to each American Citizen. Maybe both? It staggers the mind. Then they give the people less than a drop in the bucket.

  34. So I just turned 18 and moved into my own place and lost my job but I didn’t file taxes last year cause I was my moms dependent. I really needed this money to cover my rent but I don’t know if I am covered under the bill. Anyone know what to do


  36. No matter how many people Trump kills, he just finds new excuses to deflect the blame. From child concentration camps to ignoring this disease months before the outbreak, he could have prepared the country, had things ready to go, but no… He is a clown who doesn't believe in science and distances himself from experts to surround himself with sycophants. He is a mass murderer and bumblefuck maga voters still believe he is jesus for some confusing reason no matter how much damage he does to the country. It has to be some form of insanity to witness everything he does and find ways to justify or excuse it.

  37. When Obama did this Republicans spent 8 years whining about how he had exploded the national debt. I suppose it's OK this time though huh?

  38. I am confused,…so you had to have worked a job at some point durring the last 2 years (or is it 1 year ?) to get any of this money, as the amount you get is partially based on the income tax return you filed, is that correct?

  39. Cares act, how funny. If your homeless? The ones that could use a hand the most! Woops. Congress and Senate need 25 mill for wage increases so they can scrape by. Pelosi needs another face stretch or 20 or 30 more. Government does for every one except the ones who need it. For the people, yeah right.

  40. 1200$ x 340,000,000 Americans (~ half are eligible) = 408,000,000,000$ = 0.408$ Trillions where is the rest of the 2$ Trillions going?

  41. It’s not what this is all about. Most of the money is going to the rich. And whatever you’ll pay people will not be enough specially in expansive states. People need to riot this is theft.

  42. So if you don't file taxes and your retired or a student living with parents and don't work or homeless you get nothing. Those are people who actually need this. Wtf…Trump needs to get out of his rich bubble and actually help. He's never been poor and doesn't understand the rest of the world, let alone care about it. How was he even let to run for president let alone get elected. He is a mess and all the self righteous politicians alongside him too. He just wants to get re-elected.. No way.

  43. What if you had to pay for 2019?

  44. Good luck with scammers who already putting themselves in a position to help the elderly 🤔. F y…t

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