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Carolinas reel from the wrath of Hurricane Dorian | ABC News

ABC News’ Rob Marciano reports from North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where the monster storm makes landfall.


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  1. Ya not only did it hit Nova Scotia but it was upgraded to a Cat 2, so it was worse than the USA got.

  2. American's karma, the natures will punish you all. Thx natures.

  3. If you didn't evacuate when you were told to, then you should be forced to either pay for that rescue OR not be rescued at all!!!!!

  4. Awesome
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    Lord God
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  5. Ocracoke Island….. many sweet memories.


  7. This hurricane was basically a dud! At least as far as the USA! The Bahamas are the ones that were slammed with horrible damage!

  8. Leaving by the sea shore is dangerous…our heart and prayers is with you all.

  9. But don't worry, thought 'cuz it's not anything to do with global warming, ya understand. Just natural variation in ordinary weather phenomena. Yup. Yeah, global warming, but natural global warming. Just a li'l "bump" in Mother Nature's natural cycles. Nothing to do with man -made, carbon based atmospheric changes.


  11. trump needs to do a speech on this

  12. It should have been mandatory to leave the island

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  15. The Eastern US was blessed, it could have easily been just like the Bahamas catastrophe. We are not in control. 🙇

  16. Liberty ain't freedom it's what gay SAYLORS do when they go glory holing

  17. Get Jim Carey out of the storm.

  18. LOL!!😂😂 reporter said "state of shit shaped"!😂😂😂..he caught himself saying
    trying to say shape real

  19. My thoughts and prayers to people who lost their family in the hurricane

    Just kidding! prayers won’t help these people. What will help is a small donation. A a few small donations go a long way! Join me!
    There is a donation link to people who actually feel sorry:


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