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Carson: housing market would be healthier without some regulations

Dr. Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, explains the significance of HUD endorsing mortgage loans for condominium units.

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  1. He always seem incredibly stoned…

  2. So what?

    Drop all regulations and renters/buyers are at the mercy of unscrupulous slum loads like Jared Kushner (eg, master Baltimore slum lord).

  3. 1. Repeal the Dodd/Frank legislation.
    2. Charge corporate executives with full liability for their incompetent and malfeasance.
    3. Hold everyone fully responsible for their decisions.
    4. Let the winners win and the losers lose; no bail-outs and definitely no bail-ins.

  4. Dr. Ben Carson is awesome! What an intelligent, caring man.

    He would make a good president.

  5. After President Trumps second term we need to vote in Dr Ben Carson as our next President.

  6. Just love this guy, what a bright man! I believe in him, a real Black American! ❤️

  7. What would REALLY help is if the Government would GET OUT of housing industry COMPLETELY! YOU ARE DESTROYING IT!

  8. Why don’t politicians understand that deregulating helps the economy? It’s time we demand small government

  9. The housing market is another right bubble ready to burst because the same securitization scam that broke the market in 2008 is still going on today.

  10. Property taxes are killing real estate now. Monthly Tax payments are reaching mortgage payments and in some cases exceed them.

  11. Didn’t we just go through that with the TARP bailout🤨

  12. Does this mean that the FHA will approve loans for condos? The reason I asked is because I had my condo in Ohio for sale last summer and I was told the first buyer did not qualify because my condo assn hadn’t applied to have FHA loans for condos in our units. I did not understand that issue, but the next buyer was getting a conventional loan, so it was approved. I did not ask a lot of questions, but I thought it was unfair.

  13. Dobbs-Rummy eyed, fake hair color, opinionated, loud white guy..
    what's to like?

  14. Dr. Carson you are doing a great job, your a Blessing to America!

  15. Carson the dumbest brain surgeon is sleep walking.

  16. Funny how every time there's a Republican president the economy begins to f**** Fall Apart

  17. I'm not saying he isn't intelligent because he MUST BE… But good God in Heaven he looks like he can't remember his own cell phone number.

  18. FHA loans are already down to 3%. This is like when trump said he “negotiated a deal” with Mexico and they had already been doing everything for months. What he didn’t tell you is that he’s using tax dollars to pay Mexico to keep Asylum seekers there and out of the US. Smoke and mirrors.

  19. Oh he is a Doctor……unfortunately he is an "idiot savant"

  20. He says we a short a million workers and yang wants give everyone $1000 month because there is no jobs

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