Cases of child pneumonia spike in Ohio

Health officials in Warren County, just outside of Cincinnati, are monitoring a rise in pediatric cases.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. If it's not from China, then it's connected to that train wreck.

  2. Think this is the "silent opening" to the next vax and lockdown prior to the 2024 election. Theirs one county in Idaho and one county in Massachusetts. The reason given was that the parents didn't get all their boosters. Uhmmmm…. Doesn't pass the straight face test. Should be happening everywhere if lack of boosters was the issue. Buckle up!

  3. Unfortunately they’re just saying this to keep people at bay and then it’s going to explode and gets so out of control because it’s coming right from China but they don’t want people to panic so they have to talk like this and it’ll get out of control just like the fucking coronavirus did going to start all over again but this time it’s coming after the children

  4. It didn't come from China where is coming us

  5. Maybe from the illegals that have been dumped here by the government?

  6. side effect of the Fauci Ouchie injections

  7. Only in Ohio and all animals and birds in ohio also. White lung is what radiation damaged lungs look like on X-ray. Look up the symptoms of radiation exposure.

  8. Sorry werent not that stupid to listsn to yalls again, nothing with china and demark. Pshhh sounds the same when covid hit.

  9. China is the source of all diseases 😮

  10. Same thing is happening in China. It's here already. The media loves lying and pushing a fake narrative.

  11. Didn't uncle billy threaten us with this before???

  12. And the case of dog sickness are up too…..hmmm

  13. Great i like the way they make it seem normal …oh dont worry typical this time of year…..yea ok this probably not pneumonia probly a new covid…i seen this movie b4

  14. I'm pretty sure that this came from China and that it escaped from a lab, and is a version of the Spanish Flu. The Spanish Flu was the number one most deadly pandemic. It affected children and it was not much more deadly than the regular flu. The difference is that the Spanish Flu would destroy your immune system and you would die of secondary complications a period of time after you were infected. Keep in mind that the regular flu affects mainly older people over 65 years old. And there's no way a regular flu virus would spread this fast, it's Spanish Flu round two all over again.

  15. what are the vax rates in the area? with kids it's mostly likely the flu virus or RSV, both highly contagious, and cause pneumonia in children. If adults aren't vaxed against the flu they're most likely helping the spread.

  16. Global warming and green gases affecting humans and pollution's and even effecting dog's now.. And fossil fuels chemicals in the air .

  17. "Cases of child pneumonia spike in Ohio" so let's otherwise "Convince It Forward"

  18. It's covid in kids. But doctors know how to deal with it better. That's why not many deaths