Casinos hit historic jackpot with their biggest bankroll month ever

FOX Business’ Jeff Flock reports from Atlantic City, New Jersey, where U.S. casinos are seeing their best earnings month, and Q1, in history. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Drug money being laundered.

  2. No IDs needed to gamble at Casinos, I get it.

  3. People figure they might as well spend their own money before Biden and his cronies get a hold of it I'm thinking about stop paying taxes I can spend that money better than the corruption goonies!!

  4. He's right! Degenerate gamblers throwing their money at casinos is the real barometer for measuring inflation.

  5. Always happens with a new recession.. look soon for fewer people in the casinos losing greater amounts. Welcome to the entry point of stagflation.

  6. Almighty God is One And Blesses Everyone

  7. Just my opinion of course but I find this extremely hard to believe especially in New York City. I wouldn't doubt it if the mayor and governor funneled a lot of the build back better fake money into these casinos to bump up their revenue for another cover story to take your mind off of how badly your being screwed in that state. And the same goes for Las Vegas also! CDN state officials in Nevada have always allowed gambling casinos to been to whatever laws they need to just as long as it's tourist keep bringing their money. Mafia bosses built Las Vegas and the surrounding area, and they are still in control today. Sort of like Delaware… 🫣

  8. Sounds like a rigged gig.
    Argue that..

  9. Will someone please create the "ULTRA MAGA" rock theme song!?

  10. The biggest casino is government. Always playing with other people's money.

  11. Things will change come November when everyone starts betting against the House.

  12. Vote to get rid of Biden/Harris..AOC and the Squad in the next election 🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙🚙👍👍👍..Let's Go Brandon!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗..Vote for Trump in the next election….GOD BLESS THE MAGA KING!!!…👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  13. This is evil lies and manipulation this is not THE PEOPLES FAULT ITS OUR FAILD DEMOCRACY TURNED SOCIALIST

  14. New Rule: If you mention 40-year high inflation, you must also mention 50 year high corporate profits.

  15. Hope they all lose their shirts 👕

  16. What a complete joke and true portrayal of how stupid society is getting!!
    People you cannot get rich at loser gangster run casinos!!! It just wont happen. Sure a few have hit it just to sink the hook fully into your brain!!dopamine is a powerful weapon!!

  17. Must be nice to snatch up so much of the elderly social security money every month.glad we pay so many taxes so the elderly can squander it all on vice

  18. VRAU.bani.mej.ches/99999999900000000.milliarde/£/data.18.maj.2022.

  19. Money disappearing at an alarming rate because of Bidenflation, I'll go win money in the casinos, what could possibly go wrong. This man has so much karma you could resurface the interstates with it!

  20. Because inflation is over 16%. Cost of everything is up. None of this means anything.

  21. People are desperate and hoping to find some way to have enough money to pay their bills. With out hope there would be despair. Hoping they'll win money eases the pain for people who have lost so much in these times. The sad thing is, many are losing even more money, but keep trying to win. Keep Hoping.

  22. Gambling is a tax on poor people. Inflation on the rise means more poor people, alas the casinos take advantage.

  23. It means they have turned their machines down so less payouts, sort like dominion turned their machines towards bidens favor!

  24. His wrong/ traveling is usually “disposable income” well there ainte no disposable income w wages not keeping up w inflation/ summer / higher Disel prices/ =more higher cost to come/ less baby food/ can dog food/ thanks Biden! And if that doesn’t convince/ well… banks aren’t lending!
    Meaning we are in a recession!

  25. That’s interesting but when will the Bellagio have to turn off their fountains and quit wasting water?

  26. so, no videos on the baby formula crisis, hmm, neither on foxnews channel, though i didn't scroll down; no recent videos
    … plenty of how to's on youtube for making your own formula, let's see…. this one looks good: DR. SEBI INSPIRED BABY FORMULA (UPDATED)
    i think the people don't know about chewing the food for the baby, hmm? though of course newborns… it's kind of a big deal
    highlights the failure and falseness of the medical industry, 1/7 (?) of the economy, fraudulent? probably more
    . i'm sure we have long since passed the 50% mark for general fraudulence, as measured by percentage of GDP, like porn is clearly fraudulent, but medical is harder to label as such, or food, such as gmo trash poison baby formula
    . what is the real cause of the shortage though? one plant that makes food for about 5000?
    . something RT get's right that you don't seem to have as clearly understood: question MORE

  27. Rigged. Example: 30 spins on roulette will show you. Other games, varies from 10 to 25 hands or dice throw. Your most important number in any game and everything is 3

  28. Not a good sign for the visitors to the casinos. I'm sure they also got fleeced with extra hotel and parking fees.

  29. The mob is happy I’m sure,,
    Texas power company just sent a notice that power will be cut in certain parts of the state, due to Bitcoin production using the power, and it’s more important than homes being cool,

  30. I never regret trusting you 👆👆👆sir you’re the best with your mining software sir😘❤️

  31. I never regret trusting you 👆👆👆sir you’re the best with your mining software sir😘❤️