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Catalina Lauf branded as 'Anti-AOC' in congressional bid

Illinois Congressional candidate Catalina Lauf discusses AOC and standing against socialist rhetoric. At 26 years old, she would be the youngest congresswoman in history if elected.

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  1. Varney was handling her with kid gloves and she still couldn’t answer a simple question about what policies she supports. Free market capitalism is a political ideology not a policy proposal. This bimbo is DOA.

  2. Hahahaha no substance! Lol

    Cute face so people will cheer her on and support her.

    What policy do you support. Free market and pro America. Lmao that's not policy nor specific at all.

  3. wow. totally not scripted at all. by the way, if you are Anti-AOC then you are Anti-American. she fights for the poor and working class unapologetically and is unbought. kinda like jesus who also a scary socialist who shared what he had. will Catalina also not accept corporate money when she runs like AOC did?? i seriously doubt it. haha. anti-aoc…hahahaha.

  4. What a clueless political hack. She couldn't name one specific policy she stands for. This is gross 🤢🤮.

  5. Jesus, did you people even watch the same interview I did? I'm no fan of AOC, but this woman is fuckin horrible. The host asked her for specifics on what policies she supports and she tapdances around every question with conservative buzzwords. "Pro-America?" Seriously?

    You people hear "Anti-AOC" and immediately assume that she's good because you dislike AOC. Shame on all of you. Watch the interview again and LISTEN. If you can still honestly say that you'd vote for this woman then you are beyond hope.

  6. She has no policy. A complete nothing berger.

  7. I want what the majority of you are smoking!!!!!
    She said nothing about policy , just bashing the other side.
    I COULD DO THAT!!!!!!!

  8. She is the Anti AOC. She’s ignorant, manipulated by her handlers, listen to her answers, no original thoughts, zero knowledge of the issues and a sad Coconut: Brown on the outside, white on the inside.
    She’s a happy slave willing to do tricks for her masters who use her as a Prop.

  9. Anti AOC? So she's a corrupt dunce with no policies? Yeah, seems like it, lol.

  10. That's nice, but she did not mention any single policy. The anti-AOC rhetoric should not be enough, there should be some substance, but she can improve. You may hate AOC, but at least she is able to articulate actual policies (it seems to me that you simply choose to ignore that and focus on the mistakes AOC makes).

  11. Word salad, check. No real policy positions or passion, check. Says right-wing talking points while clearly not really knowing what she's talking about, check. Clearly in way over her head, check. Is not nearly competent enough to go face to face with a toddler let alone AOC, check. Even Stuart found this sadly underwhelming.

    Let's see how short this cult of personality lasts and how quickly she'll try and spin it into a shitty Chinese made "American" clothing brand.

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂two words😂😂😂😂😂
    Easy money!!

  13. Omg, she is so fake… has no policies at all, she can not be in Congress with no real real points just talking bs and avoiding to answer. She is so fake she is the brown Tomi with the same crappy brains (btw there are latinos that are racist (just in case ignorants in this site don’t know it, she sounds and reflects that).

  14. Uh huh…"Ya know Stuart, I'm not anti-anyone… .I'm fiercely driven by a love for my country…I'm not driven by a hate for everything that (America) stands for like somebody like AOC and her friends on the other side." Well, as long as your not biased against AOC and the Progressive agenda or anything. Yup, another bold-faced liar…she'll blend right into the House from day one.

  15. How much are Republicans paying her?

  16. why is she anti aoc? because shes a hispanic republican female lol

  17. I would vote for coffee machine to see AOC gone.

  18. Carolina, you must to be a smart, lovely girl. and please before make any statement about inmigrants, specially from Guatemala. please ask your mother what she know about the "Tierra Arrasada plan" and whom was behind. I hope that knowing the other side of the history, you can understand the problem that we have today with all that people on the south border

  19. Catalina…The shoplifter…
    PERFECT for the GOP who are populated by the biggest thieves in the U.S.

  20. Judge jeanine For President 2024 ..

  21. She has Something AOC dosnt ….A Brain

  22. Catalina Lauf has my vote. AOC is dumber than a bag of hammers.

  23. Anti AOC? hey, me to imagine? I do not know anyone supporting the democrat village idiot or the dirt bag 4. Some people actually have standards. Thank God.

  24. If thats hoe theyre making them in Illinois im in the wrong state! God bless America!

  25. Plus she is cuter than AOC… LOL

  26. I like her. She's not from my state, but I'll hope she wins.

  27. She's pretty, says she loves America, and says she is about conservatism.
    But she believes climate change is real and isn't very intelligent on issues regarding real policies. Can we please be more Intelligent than this people? Obama got elected on likeability and not brains and look where that got us.

  28. She seems very intelligent, and compassionate to illegals but not to thepoint of letting them cross the border like these democrats do!

  29. She is a breath of fresh air!

  30. Catalina Lauf is a very nice looking lady I hope she does well in getting elected.
    She is very pro America and has good values unlike those on the left.


  32. She isn’t saying anything about her policies?? Just stated how much she disliked the other candidates. Just another brainless political puppet.

  33. Please, not another cute airhead.

  34. 1:37 aaaaaand.. she needs a speech coach. I mean I love her already but her words just aren’t coming out in a natural motion.

  35. I wish she did her research and had some substance to answer the questions vs only point out what’s wrong . It’s about solutions ; we already know the problems.


  37. She's also hot, UNLIKE Communist AOC who looks like a freaken Donkey with her massive horse teeth and has a brain of a goldfish.

  38. Im sick of climate change being crucial to every conversation. They just recorded record ice in Antarctica, but that is rarely said.

  39. She seems like a republican puppet. It's obvious that she is reading from a teleprompter.

  40. Fox declares her anti-Aoc. Mentions nothing about crony capitalism, seems to think free market is possible.

  41. Good for her. She may be a little young for that position, but she is on the right track. Maybe start in a smaller position and get tough.

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