‘CATASTROPHIC ERROR’: Economist warns Fed against another rate hike

Duke University finance professor Campbell Harvey discusses the state of the U.S. economy and the Fed’s interest rate strategy on ‘The Claman Countdown.’ #foxbusiness #clamancountdown

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  1. The feds has tomplease thrir whatever and the people below has yo givr up their money. This has been going on for decades and thst id how it goes, any questions guys?

  2. Yup its only a matter of time before all of this political witch hunt and corruption catches up to us I personally think our future is cloudy and quite possibly way below average .the only thing Biden has gotten done is he has made crime corruption lawlessness and deception to be a normal thing that is right instead of doing what h was supposed to be elected to do. He basically has tried to tear this country apart , he's allowed our enemies to gain confidential information he's also allowed them to fly over us and take millions of pictures and videos he's also totally blown off we the people and our safety and our prosperity but he totally snubbedall of our heros who gave all disrespectful to the families he's also allowed our Justice system and courts to become corrupt and untrustworthy. The economy is the last thing a guy who got 50 million dollars for doing ? Something nobody can say what it is . Sickening let's go Brandon

  3. There Late ! They Were Late Coming In And Late Going Out ! The Signals Are Flashing ! Ignore the Curve It Might Catch up to you ! They Play the Short Stay Away From the Long Smart Money is Telling you Something There !

  4. We are faced with fresh issues every day. It now serves as the norm. We initially mistook it for a crisis, but now we recognize it as a new normal to which we must adjust. What actions may we take to increase income during the quantitative adjustment since 2023 will be a year of tremendous economic suffering for the whole country? I can't allow my $800k in savings to disappear after all my hard work.

  5. I find myself at a crossroads, uncertain whether to liquidate my $150,000 stock portfolio. I'm seeking advice on the best strategy to capitalize on this current market.

  6. Recession has been here for 2 and a half years FJB

  7. "'B I D E N O L I G A R C H I N O M I C $"'…!!!

  8. we need higher interest to tame housing.. and rent…

  9. Wow! It is always Next year… or the back half of this year… I have been listening to people say "next year will be the big one"!! In 2017, its going to happen… then 2018 I am sure it will go down.. Then 2019… 2020… 2022 2023 now 2024…

  10. This guy is an idiot. Inflation is soaring. I witness it everyday

  11. It's not hyper inflation and it is not a recession. It is the 3rd seal. The 4th seal will follow.

  12. Hard landing? Market crash?
    Yes please!! 🙋‍♂️
    Prices need to go down.
    He's crying about how prices may have Only gone up by 1%. Why can't we have prices go down -10%? Heaven forbid.

  13. We are in a recession now of you adjust for inflation. They base the GDP on the number of dollars NOT the amount of goods and services we produce. So far resident Biden's entire term has been in recession.
    I wonder if these economists warned resident Biden's regime about printing the money that caused the inflation.

  14. of course a recession is coming

    raising INTEREST RATES is the only way to curb todays trumpflation born from the printing of the trump stimulus checks during the FEB 20, 2020 stock market crash

  15. these press briefings are full of lies.

  16. It’s their fault why this is happening

  17. Economists say that because businesses want free money

  18. America was growing and doing great under Trump

  19. So the fed raises interest rates under the guise of slowing the economy for a controlled recession but take it too far intentionally to benefit lenders on high rate loans. Got it. Thanks mr powell

  20. Yes let’s take “shelter” out of the BS information numbers and we can all live under a bridge lol 😂

  21. All these theories work until they don’t.

  22. The recession is 212 days late 😂

  23. People stii think we're not in a recession lol!

  24. We have been in a recession after his second year .Two consecutive years in a row with negative growth is recession and these fools continue voting democrat

  25. Hit 200k today. Big thank you for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way over the last months. Started with 14k in June 2022

  26. The European Central Bank just raised theirs.
    Inflation is on the rise again. Consumer savings down, debt up.
    Good Luck everybody!

  27. They arent stopping to early to get to 2% target rate gonna have to be around 15%


  29. I love the grounded reality of this channel!!,Despite the recession, I no longer depend on Government Grants since I acquire $26,400 every 21days.

  30. Growth in GDP in 2023 is mostly government subsidies and government spending not from private sector…recession is here but being propped up by government spending and covid funds ending

  31. He sounds desperate, like about to get margin called or something. Rents are up 40-60% where I live.

  32. The Inflation reduction act = 💩💩💩😮

  33. Since Biden took office, there seem to have been more unfavorable results in America. These results include effects on the markets, such as price declines and sharp increases in inflation, as well as bank failures. I wonder if the sudden increase in interest rates will help value investors or if it would be wiser to stay away from the stock and financial markets for the time being.

  34. We Are in Unchartered Financial Waters! every day we encounter challenges that have become the new standard. Although we previously perceived it as a crisis, we now acknowledge it as the new normal and must adapt accordingly. Given the current economic difficulties that the country is experiencing in 2023, how can we enhance our earnings during this period of adjustment? I cannot let my $680,000 savings vanish after putting in so much effort to accumulate them.

  35. This is all man made by tyrants in our government.

  36. The media is to blame for everything wrong with our country. In the past 7 years they haven't asked the right questions. They continue to cover up for these incompetent Liberal Socialist politicians. They haven't been transparent with Americans on the economy, this administration and the Biden Crime family syndicate. The media is to blame period!

  37. with all these rate hikes how is the DOW still at record highs? how many more rate hikes will it take to finally break the camels back and for markets to have a major crash?

  38. If you don't count gasoline and food inflation is not that bad who needs to eat and go to work anyway.

  39. Total Rubbish!!! 👎🏾

  40. Tbag timetable forward yoo. He says in his best The Duke john wayne voicesod 13 lets do this smash big guys and gal's. For Daddy .Freddie

  41. This does not pass the smell test.

  42. So if we just disregard the rising price of shelter — one of the three classic basic necessities — things are really fine? OK, thanks, professor, but most people actually need a roof over their heads, so that spending on shelter can’t really be ignored; not in the real world, at least.