Catfishing Murder Victims’ Family Speaks Out

Three members of Mychelle Blandon’s family were murdered allegedly by a former Virginia state trooper, who authorities say was catfishing Blandon’s teenage niece. NBC News’ Erin McLaughlin has more details on the investigation.

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  1. I blame whomever allowed unconsciousness to be for this to happen… literally,she was 15.

    She told all her info as someone who led a immature lying thought and real things still happen regardless

  2. AMERica needs leader with an iro fist like former Philippine President Rody Duterte.👊🏻

  3. That is sad, all the kid wanted was companionship of another boy her age. Just to meet a psycho that killed her family and set her house on fire. If you’re going to date online just make the person wait a couple of years before giving them any real personal information, they’ll give up on you by then. Or at least you’ll know if they are acting suspicious or not.

  4. The people who died by killing are now in heaven

  5. I am so very sorry to hear about this, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that we need to be aware and make sure our children on line understand this term.

  6. all americans become crazys and start randomly killing, its who they are

  7. wow.. the guilt the girl will have for the rest of her life. I hope she gets counseling shes gonna need it.

  8. Please start screening LEOs and quit ignoring psychopathy, (or promoting psychopathic tendencies 👀) for society's sake.

  9. The truly scary thing is that they're actually people who are given guns and badges out there with this psychotic predatory mentality.

  10. Wait, isn't that a good guy with a gun?

  11. Damm man was the former state trooper Vaccinated?

  12. If someone could explain to me how we are going to blame the internet, parents and children for the routine actions of the true threat in American society – the mentally ill… Any plans to reverse US deinstitutionalization? "Nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness."

  13. not at all suprised it was a cop
    he was probably into maga and meth to, like most cops

  14. That girl isn’t gonna forgive herself

  15. Can you say stupid child . The cops are clueless and I'll bet the kid arranged it

  16. People get catfished all the time, maybe teach your kids some awareness of the dangers the internet has start with the deep web. Perhaps also, dont forget this mf was a cop thanks for reminding me not to trust our government

  17. More like Virginia state creepo

  18. Please stop letting the internet raise your kid's

  19. That guy just looks like a Cho-mo

  20. Typical white men behavior

  21. Ive been "catfished" several times now but i havent been murdered YET! I was first "catfished" on Facebook several years ago! It was MORE LIKE A GENGHIS KHAN PLUNDERED BOOTY SHOWCASE THAT INVOLVED CATFISHING ME COUPLED WITH RADIONICS ATTACK!!! ISNT THAT NICE!!!!! and then again recently when i came on youtube, CLICK HERE FOR BIG WIN BANG BANG!!!!!!!!! YOURE DEAD!!!!!!!!!! YOURE WORSE THAN DEAD!!!! LAW ENFORCEMENT IS FAR WORSE THAN DEAD ALREADY!!!! AND THATS THE TRUTH!!!!!! youll never imagine half the crimes im a victim of!

  22. This 'predator' had some goods on Biden or Clinton.

  23. This is why teachers,coaches, law enforcement and churches those who interact with minors should have psychological evaluations periodically and tech companies should also be held accountable they sensor free speech but can’t keep real dangers from happening

  24. It's their own fault for the parents lack of investment in their children lives,and the unrestricted internet use. If they did,this could have been a wonderful story on how they stopped and arrested and predator!