Cavalcante held in maximum security prison after capture | GMA

Danelo Cavalcante is being held at SCI Phoenix where he is being held in his own cell in a specialized observation unit after he was captured by authorities following two weeks on the run.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. They're only going to encourage him more

  2. Great news! Again, congratulations to Yoda and those who surrounded and captured the escapee.

  3. This is yesterdays news who cares now 😂

  4. Was hoping he would have got away

  5. God bless Yoda and thankful no one was injured by gunfire

  6. Lets go!!
    ESCAPE #2!!!
    Two months before he gets caught this time?
    A couple murders and rapes along the way?
    Only the future will tell. 🔥

  7. Solidarity Conefinement and an additional 30 years

  8. I am so proud of the K9 and his handler.

  9. CENSORED!!!

  10. Why democrats just let them out anyways

  11. I bet they are going to bury this guy in a cemented hole for ever, just to make sure he won't try to escape and embarrass police like he already did..

  12. The force is strong in you

  13. He is a murderer..he shouldnt be alove after eacaping that should of been an instant bullet

  14. What’s with all the military gear..? & now that we have the crew warmed up, can they go after the millions upon millions of illegals waltzing into the country.?? I’m sure there’s bound to be a bad actor among the mix…

  15. Dude everyone is acting like he was a deranged serial murderer with an unquenchable thirst for the blood of the first living being he comes into contact with SMH. He stabbed his girlfriend 40 times for sleeping around on him. There's 3 sides to every story, his/hers/reality. Those who say "he was already a murderer out of brazil" again, he murdered the chick he was with for making videos depicting shrexual intercourse with his friends. Cmon folks he's no effin uni bomber 😂

  16. Yep im sure under constant observation